Wine Down & Trade FX
  • Marvin Carter aka FxTradeYogi
15 episodes
Weekly forex forecast and currency market sentiment; from my humble abode-over a generous glass of wine... Where I pour over with you, a little taste of what's happening, in the overall marketplace... So, join me. And let's make some money. Support this podcast:


Market's Schizophrenia Is Devoid Of Direction... Provides little opportunity To Up/Downsides
2020 Nov 1810m 9s
Will the Yen(JPY) go long like a rocket.... 🚀? Will the EUR?USD plunge into the deep... Market forecast-seem to think so... But who the hell knows. 😉
Pfizer Put A Boot To The A$$ Of Bear Swing Traders This Week
2020 Nov 119m 54s
Pfizer left bears running for the hills; while bulls gave the market-penata, the horns... Can a small fortune be eeked out of the USD/CAD? Market data seems to think so. Will it be you?$
The GBP/CAD-Fall Against The Emperor Yen (JPY)
2020 Nov 046m 3s
Swing trade opportunity, on the horizon, where the GBP/JPY and CAD/JPY, or concerned... Will the Emperor (JPY) take them down? So says the tea leaves.
The USD's strung like a yoyo... Can't control its up's, or downs
2020 Oct 276m 39s
The USD's been on a schizophrenic path, these last few weeks... But can it break from it... And find itself-on the right course, to the buy side, for bulls-these next couple of weeks... ? Can the EURO continue its ascent to the buy side... All forecast data, seems to think so... So swing traders... Watch: EUR/JPY, EUR/USD and EUR/GBP and the USD.... Let's make some money!
Gravity Sets Into The Pound Sterling Like A Pierced Balloon
2020 Oct 219m 52s
Swing trade opportunities this week, as the Pound falls from on high... Like a pierced hot air balloon; as the CAD sets its course, to the moon.
Mixed Around; Upside Down... There Goes The British Pound(GBP)
2020 Oct 076m 47s
Got my eye on a (GBP/USD) possible swing trade, for the British Pound, this week. Pips Ahoy!
"GBP, JPY, USD... Pinot Noir... Oh my."😍
2020 Sep 306m 53s
USD is feeling sell-side pressure this week... In lock step with The GBP.... Will gravity betray them both... Trading minds want to know.... In the mean time, I'll relax and enjoy a glass of Bogle Vineyards Pinot Noir-vintage 2017; while things unfold in the marketplace.
USD Collapses Like A House Of Cards
2020 Sep 227m 36s
USD, EURO and GBP provide potential swing trades, for Bears this week.
JPY Squeeks Like A Chew Toy
2020 Sep 156m 12s
Yen Provides Opportunity this week,  for a small short side profit; as the EURO and GBP-plunge into the sea.
Slim Pickin's
2020 Sep 073m 16s
Will The JPY swim with the oysters? Will the EURO disintegrate into the ashes... ? Only data is the teller, of the tale.