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Nova Soul is creating a new world of spiritual vibes. Welcome to LIFE, LOVE and BEINGNESS 3.0. Here the essence of hip hop meets community building...and every conversation is about hearing the healing power of the ancestors. Welcome family.


Breaking Light
2020 Aug 239m 54s
Chaplain Jah’s quick commentary on why we need to find new ways of discussing beauty, pain, healing and human interaction without resorting to LIGHT vs DARK metaphors.
Living 100
2020 Aug 0815m 5s
We wont ever be free until we get real. So, how did we become who we are ? Is how we are living today something we learned in childhood ? Or have we truly become our real authentic self ? Join Jah Rain as we go lightly into the idea of exploring our values and facing the question of "Am I living in my realness ?"  Or is this the self someone else created ?
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