Not Your Average Dad
  • Philip Goncalves
13 episodes
Anything but your average dad podcast.


Episode Twelve: Discipline
2021 Apr 2240m 31s
In today's episode Courtney and Philip discuss the topic of discipline in and out of the gym.
Episode Eleven: Lean With Dean
2021 Feb 1024m 45s
In episode eleven of The Phit Dad Podcast I'm joined by Dublin based online coach and dad, Dean Kelly.
Episode Ten: Courtney Jerome
2021 Feb 0137m 16s
In episode ten of The Phit Dad Podcast, I was joined by online coach, bodybuilder and dad, Courtney Jerome.
Episode Nine: Phil Learney
2021 Jan 0450m 47s
In today's episode of The Phit Dad Podcast, I'm joined by a retired personal trainer, entrepreneur and dad Phil Learney.
Episode Eight: Nathan Jordine
2020 Nov 1346m 21s
In today's episode, I interviewed personal trainer, self-confessed comic book nerd, and dad Nathan Jordine. This episode contains plenty of really valuable information for new dads who are trying to find their feet with fatherhood and fitness.
Episode Seven: Why The Phit Dad?
2020 Oct 2011m 47s
In this episode I go into detail about how The Phit Dad started, how it's evolved and why it means so much to me.
Episode Six: Instagram Q&A
2020 Oct 1017m 7s
In today's episode I'm answering your questions.
Episode Five: Rory Paquette
2020 Oct 0235m 13s
In Episode Five I spoke to dad and author Rory Paquette about his new book the 5% Diet
Episode Four: I See Dad People Interview
2020 Sep 2523m 10s
In today's episode I've stripped the audio from my interview last week on the I See Dad People Podcast. Really enjoyed this one and I know there's plenty of value to be had from it.
Episode Three: Tom Phillips
2020 Sep 1729m 6s
In episode three of The Phit Dad podcast I'm joined by personal trainer, dad and instagram carousel creating extraordinaire, Tom Phillips.