Only Off-topic Questions
  • Only Off-topic Questions
6 episodes
Five recently graduated high school seniors attempt to discuss school and life without getting off-topic. New episodes every week! (Formerly the Burned-out Overachievers)


Episode 5: Hot Takes!
2020 May 2834m 58s
This week we roast each other for 30 minutes straight over our unpopular opinions. If you love/hate Ariana Grande, lunch meat, or weird pronunciations of "milk," you've come to the right place! New episode every week!
Episode 4: Fun in the Sun (at Home)
2020 May 2333m 32s
This week the overachievers discuss their former summer plans and social distancing alternatives , but not without getting off topic of course.
Episode 3: A Few of Our Favorite Things...
2020 May 1631m 27s
Today on Burned-out Overachieves we discuss some of our favorite things keeping us occupied during quarantine, but not without going off on a few tangents of course.
Episode 2: How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying
2020 May 0725m 12s
On todays episode we give our best tips and tricks for high school, discuss Hailey M's Tik Tok "shadow ban," and tell various stories about classes and dress code breaking. New episodes every Wednesday!
Episode 1: Seniors in Quarantine
2020 Apr 3015m 33s
Today we discuss Hailey M's new single, life in the quarantine, and our cut short senior year. New episodes every week!
Trailer: Only Off-topic Questions
2020 Apr 281m 19s
Welcome to the new podcast "Only Off-topic Questions" where high school seniors Catherine, Hailey M, Katie, Hailey K, and JJ discuss life from the perspective of five kids who tried way too hard in class. Stay tuned for our first episode coming soon!
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