The State of Today
  • Khalil Gillon
21 episodes
The State of Today is a political commentary podcast that will look into the top issues that are affecting America, the truth behind them, and how we, as a nation, can elicit positive change in our communities Support this podcast:


Episode 2 | Second Trump Impeachment, Republican Rift? (Feat. Brian McFadden)
2021 Jan 1528m 42s
Welcome back to the show! In this episode, we discuss the unprecedented second impeachment of President Donald Trump and whether this will destroy the Republican Party as we know it, with top names such as Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney reportedly in favor of impeaching and convicting Trump for inciting the Insurrection of Jan. 6.
Episode 1 | Insurrection, Georgia, and What Needs To Happen (Feat. Kristoffer Bonilla and Natanael Trinidad)
2021 Jan 081h 22m 4s
Happy New Year! The Season 2 premiere of the State of Today just happened to be a big one. Many things happened this week that maybe shouldn’t have, at least for the sake of our democracy.
Season 2 Trailer
2021 Jan 0532s
The time has come. The State of Today is finally back! Season 2, January 8th, 2021. What a nice year, I hope. Tune in every Friday to hear the top political news, discussions about them, and why it matters for us as Americans.
Coup d'Etat
2020 Nov 2224m 33s
In this episode, we talk about Trump's antics and how his team are increasingly trying to subvert democracy and the political process.
Joe Biden will be the Next President
2020 Nov 0715m 20s
In this shorter episode, we of course discuss the 2020 Presidential Election and Joe Biden's victory. We also discuss what this means for us as a nation and the upcoming struggles we will face in the next few months.
Election Week
2020 Nov 0626m 22s
In this episode, we take a look at the absolutely crazy election "day" and what this aftermath means for us as a nation. We also discuss these protests that are happening all over the nation regarding vote counting and this "Sharpie-Gate". At 3:31 a.m., Biden has taken the lead in Georgia which overwhelmingly puts the election in Biden's favor. Many results will possibly change later after this episode is released.
The Most Consequential Election (History in the Making)
2020 Oct 3124m 37s
In this episode, we talk about the upcoming election we've all been waiting for and the aftermath we may endure depending on who wins the election.
The Final Debate
2020 Oct 2424m 18s
In this episode, we discuss the final presidential debate in the most important presidential election in modern history and what we could do as a nation to take part in this civil process.
Townhalls Galore
2020 Oct 1739m 14s
In this episode, we discuss the townhalls by President Trump and Joe Biden. We fact-check the claims made in both programs and what their positions means for our nation in this critical year for American politics.
2020 Oct 0216m 11s
In this first BREAKING NEWS episode of the State of Today, we talk about how President Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump have contracted the COVID-19 Virus.