Living Hope Mansfield
  • Brent Osterberg
77 episodes
Our weekly services from Living Hope Bible Church in Mansfield, Texas.


The Advantage of Jesus' Departure
2021 Apr 2556m 19s
John 15:26-16:15
Why the World Hates Christians
2021 Apr 181h 15m 1s
John 15:18-25
Abiding in Christ
2021 Apr 1148m 43s
John 15:1-11
The Crucified King
2021 Apr 0218m 21s
Good Friday 2021
Six More Promises of Comfort From the Holy Spirit
2021 Mar 281h 11m 53s
John 14:15-31
Six Promises to Comfort Troubled Hearts
2021 Mar 2158m 2s
John 14:1-14
Mercy to Move Forward
2021 Mar 1448m 48s
John 13:36-38 and 21:15-19
Christ's Love in the Face of Betrayal
2021 Mar 071h 5m 18s
John 13:18-35
Greatest King, Most Humble Servant
2021 Feb 2846m 16s
Although He knows the agony of the cross that awaits Him, that does not stop Jesus from focusing on others.
Standing for Christ in a Hostile World
2021 Feb 211h 4m 32s
Overview: John 1-12