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A podcast where I have meaningful conversations with interesting people - exploring culture, identity, and why we do what we do... one person at a time.


TCSP #012 - I AM ONE OF YOU - Evan Fowler
2017 Nov 122h 16m 12s
Greetings Humans! In this episode, I sit down with writer Evan Fowler. His work has appeared in The South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Free Press, The Stand News, House News, and other publications. We talk about a wide variety of topics, including university campus safe spaces, online trolls, the 50 Cent Army, the changes China and Hong Kong has gone through in the past few years, the Umbrella Movement, the type of threats and hate mail he gets, free speech, and more. We also talk about his experience with clinical depression, how he feels about home, and the Eurasian identity in present day Hong Kong. If you enjoy world politics, history, Hong Kong, or Chinese culture, then you'll enjoy this episode where two native sons have an honest dialog, dive deep, and meander through stories and ideas.
TCSP #011 - #AlmostThere MYANMAR - Anonymous at Sunset
2017 Oct 1542m 7s
Hello Humans! Another travel episode from the #AlmostThere project.
TCSP #010 - WHAT IGNITES YOUR PASSION? - @rockpapergucci
2017 Jul 1534m 23s
What up Humans! When I was in Australia a few months ago I had the chance to sit down with one of @periscope's most popular scoper's and super positive human - Dianne Mallas AKA @rockpapergucci.
TCSP #009 - #AlmostThere MYANMAR - Bob Percival
2017 Jun 161h 18m 25s
Hello Humans! It's been awhile, and I apologize. Life got a bit crazy, but we're back, with a series of episodes from my Myanmar, Australia, and current trip in northern Thailand - stay tuned we'll be posting regularly moving forward!
TCSP #008 - MUSIC IS FOR EVERYONE - Clue to Kalo
2017 Jan 051h 11m 35s
Happy New Year Humans! This episode I sit down with Mark Mitchell, aka Clue to Kalo in his studio in Melbourne, Australia. I've been a fan of his for over a decade, and it was kind of amazing to meet someone that you're a fan of. Spoiler Alert - he's a really nice dude.
2016 Dec 151h 38m 47s
My first periscope and podcast cross over, and I couldn't have done it with a better scoper. John is a prolific periscoper that shares his life and journey's to the world, and connects humans everywhere he goes. We talk about how social media and periscope has changed the game, and how it's helped him travel and see more. We get into his cultural background a bit as well (possibly too much!), and we talk a bit about why he's not so keen on dealing with politics, and why conversations are important. Also, we get into the addictive nature of the work we both do.
TCSP #006 - TWO SIDES OF A COIN Jeffrey Andrews
2016 Nov 141h 14m 35s
Jeffrey Andrews is a prominent social worker and activist in Hong Kong. In this episode I sit down with Jeff in his office in Chung King Mansions, and talk about how Hong Kong manages and processes asylum seekers and refugees, as well as the issues with the system. We also talk about his personal life, and how he dealt with and managed discrimination as a child. Jeff also talks about his involvement with the Umbrella Movement, and why it was important for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. If you are curious about asylum seekers, refugees, public policy, culture and religion, this episode is for you.
2016 Oct 181h 59s
Painter. Illustrator. Actor. Director. Award winning filmmaker. Human. In this episode I sit down with NOMATTSLAND - a talented individual whose short film, "Sick To My Bones", has been killing it on the festival circuit. I caught up with him during his brief stint back. We sit down in the apartment he's staying at, and we went deep! If the subjects of filmmaking, art, morality, atheism, religion, or cultural identity intrigues you, give this episode a listen!
2016 Sep 301h 29m 23s
Arts Curation. Design. Media. Publishing. Fashion. Social Enterprises. Elaine W Ho is a person of many interests, talents, and experiences. In this episode of the podcast Elaine and I sit down in a coffee shop in Tokyo one morning after an evening out with a bunch of artists at the No Limit 2016 Festival. We get caffeinated, and quickly start talking about her story growing up as a little Chinese girl in Texas, then moving to Europe and Asia for study and work, and what that journey has meant for her growth and self-discovery. We get into cultural identity, it's significance, and how we communicate around this subject. If you love storytelling, traveling, the Asian American experience, and where all the cultural disjunctures are in our increasingly international world, and don't mind getting into it, this is an episode for you. Check it out!
2016 Sep 122h 9m 51s
A few years ago Michael Egan and Richard McCollough, two lads from the UK that were living and working in Australia decided it would be a good idea to head home for Christmas... via hitchhiking.