Trama Unit ... Observations from the Recovery Room
  • Msloveheart
17 episodes
This is a podcast where I will talk about my life long trama. Show you how I dealt with it. Then I will take the time to write a letter to my former self to heal that part of my life. I’m hoping this will also help others to heal💜


Feel the feeling of your trama
2020 Oct 1426m 23s
That trama we had a few days ago
How I feel now
2020 Sep 2919m 52s
I was so laced everywhere which contributes to me feeling disconnected
When we got lost
2020 Sep 2724m 59s
The time my mom got lost when I was around 6 years old
He used people to hurt me
2020 Sep 2129m
This was awful
That time I almost died
2020 Sep 191h 2m 24s
I had to drive myself to the hospital and wait until u hear what happened
Assessment of the past 10 episodes
2020 Sep 1521m 22s
Ending season one
When he told me about his secret
2020 Sep 1418m 58s
This one is crazy
The reason I left
2020 Sep 1227m 50s
He was about to hit me
When I worked in the world trade center
2020 Sep 1227m 45s
Stories from 911
When I was suppose to go to school
2020 Sep 1121m 40s
Follow your gut