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This podcast is one of the tools I will be using to document my journey of going from working 60-70 hours a week doing something I didn’t love to try to maintain a lifestyle that was unhealthy and unhappy, to giving that all up moving back to my hometown to work on my passion of martial arts. Follow me on my journey from unhappy worker to super happy fighter and everything in between.


Ep. 51 WFC 101 recap W/ Zack “Flash” Mathiew (my mma debut)
2019 Mar 2324m 28s
So we did it everyone. We went from being a 60+hour a week employee doing something I hated and was depressed. To becoming a member of a martial arts team and winning my MMA debut. I can’t begin to explain how crazy it feels. Here’s a podcast trying to explain how it went. Thank you all so much for the support.
2019 Mar 0511m
We had a super crazy cool thing happen where a supporter of the podcast donated money in order for me to be able to give away tickets to my upcoming MMA debut on March 21st. I never expected anything like this to happen so tune into the podcast to find out how to win your tickets to WFC 101!
Ep. 49 Your Dreams Can Come True
2019 Feb 1130m 20s
On today’s episode I talk about using social media as a tool. I also talk about how your dreams do not have to stay dreams. The thing about actually dreaming when you’re asleep, is that those dreams aren’t real. A dream, as in a goal you wish to accomplish, can be real. Even if you feel like it’s damn near impossible you can and should do it and not give up. One day you’ll look in the mirror and say holy shit, I did it.
2019 Jan 2615m 1s
FIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT, my most hype episode EVER, enough said! Featuring my coach Zack Flash Mathiew.
Ep. 48 Becoming a martial artist
2019 Jan 2321m 40s
On today’s episode I talk about what it was like to shave my chest for the first time, how I am in the best shape of my life, that I truly feel as though I am becoming a martial artist, but it is not easy. I am still having to overcome huge obstacles in life to continue chasing my dream of stepping in the cage. It will always be hard to get where you want to be, where you were meant to be. Take the road less traveled and step outside your comfort zone. Thank you so much for listening and please stay tuned.
Ep. 47 Undefeated MMA Fighter Gabe Clark
2019 Jan 1541m 21s
On today’s episode of the podcast we have guest Gabe Clark. Gabe is a good friend of mine, one of my main training partners and just an awesome person. He has helped me in a major way on this martial arts journey. He is also chasing his dream of being the best MMA fighter on the planet. Here are some links to some videos we mention on the podcast. Younggg_papiii on Instagram Gabe Clark on FB
Ep. 46 Follow YOUR passion don’t let passionless people control your destiny.
2019 Jan 0731m 50s
Today’s episode is probably my best solo episode yet. I talk about how the move is going, my goals, but most importantly I talk about how people who did not figure out what their passion is try to discourage you or belittle your purpose in life. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think. Don’t let others discourage you no matter what your passion is in this life. If you’re meant to do that, it will be. Thank you all I’ll see you soon
Bonus Ep. Pre and Post UFC 232
2018 Dec 3025m 50s
I had an idea to record a segment just before going to watch the fight and just after the fights. I thought it would be fun to see how confident I was in my prediction before the fights played out and how cocky I became if I was right or wrong. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy the podcast. Much love
Ep. 45 Post Xmas update!
2018 Dec 2725m 49s
Today’s episode I talk about how well the holidays and training are going. I talk about how we are building a podcast studio at Universal Martial Arts on Ridge Rd. in Lafayette LA, and even more big news coming soon. So thank you so much for listening, stay tuned I promise you won’t regret it!
Ep. 44 5th Ranked LA 155lb Fighter Mitch Daigue
2018 Dec 2158m 43s
Today’s episode is definitely one of the best episodes of the StephenHaze Podcast simply because my guest has traveled all over the world, trained martial arts, and is the 5th ranked amateur MMA fighter out of Louisiana. He is an incredibly interesting person and I enjoyed talking to him immensely. If you’re interested in training with us or doing any PT work contact me and we can make it happen. Thank you as always I love you all and I’ll see you soon.