The NileWild Podcast
  • Golden Nile Productions
4 episodes
Malik and Bushra bring a comedic and intelligent perspective on today's mathematics from both sides of the Nile and Wicomico Rivers.


#4: The Optimists
2020 Oct 2852m 47s
We walk it like we talk it.
#3 - Stimulated
2020 Oct 2056m 51s
The Balakona Boys are back this week talking that random Randok, the Department of Labor, NBA off season moves and potential light skinned replacements.
#2 - Pod 2 Of Our Confessions
2020 Oct 161h 2m 38s
Them franchise boys are back with another one, talking about Shaq's first vote, the new NBA champions, the music tech industry, and their own increasingly bizarre personal lives and views. Please do not listen to this podcast, it's a private conversation between two frenemies.
#1 - Allow Us To Reintroduce Ourselves
2020 Oct 0736m 1s
Malik and Bushra are back in full effect with the NileWild podcast. Join them as they politick in the parking lot, share some news to build with, and discuss all manner of randomness. Formerly known as the Random Randok podcast before the cowards at Anchor took the art down for unspecified "violations of terms and services". Like Diddy said, can't stop won't stop baby!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.