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My podcast is about stuff that we talk about that’s going on now past and future and recent Topics


R.I.p king von n mo3
2020 Nov 123m 49s
My input on the situation and how to situation could’ve been prevented and taking on better
Let keep it real show where we keep everything 💯💯
2020 Oct 2111m 58s
We just talk real facts no fake Stuff n keep it 💯💯with everything we talk about tune have fun n let make History
Love and loyalty
2020 Aug 0358s
Giving a thank Yoo all of the ppl that took part of the episode ......
JAYFLYDADON let’s talk real show
2020 Jul 3012m 57s
Special guest Chevelle host JAYFLYDADON Talks about the things that’s going on in there lives and now
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