• Maddie Buresh
9 episodes
Irrepressible is a podcast featuring women who are learning to thrive in the midst of physical limitations. As they take on outdoor adventure, creative pursuits, and more, they are choosing to embrace obstacles, not as hindrances, but as opportunities. Hosted by Maddie Buresh.


Episode 8: Redefining Beauty With Janira Obregon
2020 Aug 2612m 54s
Janira Obregon is a model, activist, and influencer who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia as an infant. However, these things have not stopped her from striving for her goals. She has persevered in the midst of obstacles and continues to challenge perceptions of beauty in the fashion industry.
Episode 7: Finding Community in Chronic Illness With Courtney Schutze
2020 Jul 2919m 41s
Courtney Schutze has used her journey with Lyme disease to develop community and offer support for others who are dealing with similar things. Through Splash of Lyme and her Crushing Lyme campaign, she is transparent about life with chronic illness and welcomes others to join her in her journey.
Episode 6: Discovering Purpose With Brittani Coury
2020 Jul 0122m 41s
Brittani Coury is a Paralympic snowboarder and registered nurse, but her journey to get to where she is hasn’t always been smooth sailing. As she has walked through challenging seasons of life, she has learned not to let the tough situations define who she is but to allow them to teach her and help her find her purpose.
Episode 5: Celebrating the Victories With Ashley Jones
2020 Jun 1725m 36s
Ashley Jones embodies what it means to maintain a good perspective. In 2016, she lost her arm after an ATV accident, but she has not let that dampen her positivity or her drive to excel in sports and in life. As she finds strength in her community and in her faith, Ashley is learning what it means to be unstoppable.
Episode 4: Finding Joy in the Little Things With Shaye Kaessner
2020 Jun 0320m 34s
Shaye Kaessner is a photographer and writer who has embraced community and learned to see things from a different perspective. As she walks through the day-to-day with type 1 diabetes and other chronic illness, there are plenty of new bends in the road. But in the midst of it all, Shaye knows how meaningful it is to have people beside her to share the load, and she is choosing to make a difference by sharing her story and encouragement with others.
Episode 3: Developing Unique Perspectives With Katya Buresh
2020 May 2022m 27s
Katya Buresh is an avid reader, writer, and explorer of various creative outlets. Having been diagnosed with Grave’s disease right after high school, and later fibromyalgia, she is no stranger to chronic illness. But through all of it, she has adapted, grown, and learned to appreciate things differently. While she is honest about her struggles, she is also open about the new opportunities that she has found in their midst.
Episode 2: Embracing the Cans With Abby Shepard
2020 May 0624m 25s
Abby Shepard has made it her mission to connect people with the outdoors through her work with Delaware State Parks, but also through her own personal pursuits as a writer, photographer, and traveler. When she was 19, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory autoimmune disorder, but she has learned to focus on the cans instead of the cannots while spreading a very contagious enthusiasm.
Episode 1: Undefining Women in the Outdoors With Becky Marcelliano
2020 Apr 2218m 50s
Becky Marcelliano understands very well what it means to embrace the outdoors in work and play, challenges and triumphs. About ten years ago, she began her health journey with chronic autoimmune disease, and she has since decided to open up about her own story after hearing other people share theirs. Becky is all about welcoming women of many different backgrounds and abilities to play outside, and she is redefining—or undefining—what it means to be a woman in the outdoors.
Irrepressible (Trailer)
2020 Apr 1151s
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