• Harry Akinola
19 episodes
Breathe by Zionify with Harry Akinola is a seasonal career empowerment podcast. Each season is made up several episodes to help you succeed on your job and in your business.


S2: Bonus Track 2 - Favour Declarations
2020 Jun 123m 53s
A gift of powerful declarations on favour.
S2: Bonus Track 1 Rules of Working on Digital Platforms
2020 Jun 126m 46s
Tips on how to work professionally inspired digital platforms.
S2: Ep 7 - Made to Soar
2020 Jun 122m 33s
You are made to soar like eagles
S2: Ep 6 - Wait for it
2020 Jun 123m 56s
It pays to wait...
S2: Ep 5 - Sharpen your Saw
2020 Jun 123m 17s
Give attention to preparing before taking actions
S2: Ep 4 - Visibility
2020 Jun 123m 5s
Make the right things visibility and get the attention of the right people.
S2: Ep 3 - Lifters, not Crushers
2020 Jun 123m 21s
Dog don’t eat dog
S2:Ep 2 - Ultimate Competitive Advantage
2020 Jun 124m 5s
The Holy Spirit is every believer’s competitive advantage; leverage Him .
S2:Ep 1 - High Performance
2020 Jun 124m 25s
As you know more of God, you become more like Him and your performance increases.
Episode 1: Connected
2020 Apr 023m 9s
As long as you are connected to the sources, you are sorted...