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The Rise of Workforce Marketing – What a Robust Social Business Looks Like
2013 May 06
Join Richard Margetic of Dell as he provides a clear-headed assessment of what’s required to make a company social, and the benefits Dell has realized by doing so.
The Rise of Workforce Marketing – The Best Damn Recruiting Video. Ever.
2013 Apr 29
“KIXEYE knows who it is. It also knows who its employees are, who its customers are, and who its competitors are. So when they needed to grow from 450 to 700 people, they were able to put out a dead-on, jaw-dropping video that not only got the job done efficiently and effectively, but did so in a way that the company has been able to maintain its character event through this period of explosive growth. Watch the video, then listen to the podcast with KIXEYE CMO Brandon Barber.”
The Rise of Workforce Marketing – How IBM Became the #1 Social Business on the Planet.
2013 Mar 18
IBM wrote their social computing guidelines in 2005, focusing them on what they wanted people to do, as opposed to what they wanted to avoid. The result? Two revisions, the largest corporate presence on many social platforms, and a more efficient approaches to designing products, taking those products to market, and supporting them. Measurably so: for instance, IBM’s social business activities have translated into 11% more sales opportunities and 26% greater close rate. Ed Brill, Director of Social Business for IBM and author of the new book Opting In, tells us more.
The Rise of Workforce Marketing – Herding Cats: Creating Internal Brand Alignment at a Service Firm
2013 Mar 11
Want to know what it takes to “herd cats” and bring your employees together around a clear brand message? Listen up, because that’s exactly what today’s guest, Allison Hillgren, has been successfully doing for the past year at the financial firm Beacon Pointe Advisors. 80% of their professionals have been engaged by clients and/or prospects via LinkedIn, so this is no joke for Ali: if her team is not aligned, then 80% of them are actively creating noise in the market and potentially raising the cost of getting new business. Find out how she has been creating clarity on today’s show!
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