• Daisy Avila
2 episodes
Hiiii! My name is Daisy Avila and I’m 18 years old. I intend on using this platform as a way to discuss my feelings, views, stories and so on. Currently we are all in a pandemic and it can feel like we are alone right now. I want this podcast to be used as a way to validate my feelings and others!!


My quarantine routine!!
2020 May 1810m 51s
Hii! In today’s episode, I simply discuss my own routine. I touch on the narrative that is being portrayed that quarantine is the time to be productive when it’s not always the case for everyone.
Intro/background of me !!
2020 May 0721m 31s
Hii! In my very first podcast I discuss how I came up with the title “modern diary”. I discuss some background about me such as my education and my current situation!
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