Candid moments with Purity
  • Amudi Chiugo
2 episodes
Hello Everyone, My name is Amudi purity and I’m a lawyer, writer, mental health activist and an unrecognized bibliophile! I love to read and talk about virtually everything enlightening and inspiring. I’m super excited to launch this podcast where I will be talking about all things surrounding being a 21st century female and being Nigerian too. And this would be with some help of course from my friends and contributors who would be coming in to spice the show and reduce monopolistic opinions. So join me and let’s learn, unlearn and relearn today and subscribe.


Tribalism in Nigeria,My kwontry
2020 Oct 2434m 33s
Hey there! Long time no show, I got thinking and decided to show a norm in my country that seems to have eaten deep into our subconscious and I hope with this little awareness, we as a people can become better citizens and not just indigenes.💞
Welcome to Candid times.
2020 Aug 121m
Purity introduces herself and the unique traits going to be showcased in her podcast. Her love for all things talk; from being African, Nigerian and femaleto many other things as more episodes roll in.
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