• Bryant Ashton
20 episodes
What happens when we can't have youth group? A podcast is born! This is the Podcast that will be replacing CalvaryMac Upperclass until everything goes back to normal! Listen in as we talk about the bible, owning your faith, and staying connected! Then call up a friend to talk about the questions at the end of the episode! At CalvaryMac UpperClass our mission is to train up young adults who are holistically prepared to graduate and be self sufficient. Are you ready for life after high school?


Episode 18 - Canceled is Canceled
2020 Aug 2032m 58s
This episode was supposed to be uploaded two weeks ago, but due to technical difficulties it never went out! So when you listen remember, canceled was canceled, camp 1 day came and went, and now we are looking forward to fall kick off!
Episode 17 - Submission
2020 Jul 2339m 1s
Join us as we talk through a section of the book of James! Listen, then talk about the questions at the end! CalvaryMac Upperclass meets on Sundays @ 7.
Episode 16
2020 Jul 1321m 59s
Listen to episode 16 of the Upperclass Podcast now!
Big Announcement
2020 Jun 302m 2s
You heard right, Bryant will no longer be the host of the UpperClass Podcast! Tristan will be taking over while youthgroup begins to go back to normal! Thanks to everyone who has been listning and engaging so far! Stay tuned!
Episode 15 - When Jesus Was Arrested
2020 Jun 2931m 20s
In this week's episode we talk about Matthew chapter 26. Listen, then talk about the questions at the end!
Episode 14 - Verses for our world today
2020 Jun 2530m 40s
This week our co-hosts bring us the verses they think the world needs to hear right now! Listen, then talk about these questions:
Episode 13 - The Great Commission
2020 Jun 1846m 54s
This week, we talk about how to live out the great commision and why we all need to have an outward focused faith.
Episode 12 - Black Lives Matter
2020 Jun 0840m 40s
In this episode we talk about the Christian response to the world's cry for justice and peace. Which kingdom are you fighting for? Find the Questions on our instagram @ calvarymac_upperclass
Episode 11 - Wingin' It
2020 May 3133m 30s
Enjoy the ride with Bryant, Connor, and Tristan as we figure out what we are doing this week on the spot! (Hint: Make sure you have a bible handy) Listen up! Then talk about the questions at the end with someone!
Episode 10 - What is Church?
2020 May 2538m 10s
Listen to this episode of the Upperclass Podcast as we talk about Jokes, Parrots, and the Church! Listen then talk!