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Outcasts United: Reviews, DC History, Marvel History, and Mutant Choices
2021 Feb 011h 59m 59s
Back for the new year we start with a bang
Outcasts United: Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars
2020 Dec 1658m 41s
This episode we talk about all the news that was dropped on the 10th from Disney about all the new Marvel movies and shows as well as all the Star Wars shows we will be getting in the coming years
Outcasts United: Special Guest Cody and Teresa
2020 Nov 0959m 37s
We are back with a few special guest after being gone for almost a month. With Cody and Teresa we talk about Star Wars, Marvel Movies, and the top worst sci fi/ comic movies ever.
Outcasts United: Catching Up
2020 Oct 1558m 11s
It's been a few weeks it seems so on this episode we catch you up on what's been going on in the geek world. From the DC Animated movie to the newest Mortal Kombat DLC, along with a few other topics we think you all would like.
Outcasts United: Gaming and Getting Cancelled
2020 Sep 231h 57m 1s
After a week and a half break we comeback at you with coverage about the PS5, X Box Series X, cost, for both versions, the games, and more. Also we talk about Supergirl and Superman & Lois
Outcasts United: Manga Vs Comics With Sheedabest
2020 Sep 081h 55m 25s
This week we talk about being a black gamer/nerd, Unfinished games, AAA titles vs Kickstarter games, and Manga Vs Comics
Outcasts United: Finishing the Questions
2020 Sep 0258m 54s
This week we talk about Race, Religion, Relating to a character and finally answering some of the questions we got asked last week.
Outcasts United: First 3 hour Podcast
2020 Aug 252h 48m 17s
It's our 3 hour podcast, we talk about DC Fandome, all the movie trailers, game trailers, comics and more.
Outcasts United: Origins Part 2 and Childhood TV
2020 Aug 1658m 57s
This week we had a few friends on to talk about their origins and how they became nerds/geeks and then we start talking about childhood TV and the shows we loved. An how they would be today and the ones we know just wouldn't be any good to rewatch as adults.
Outcasts United: Origins: How we became Geeks/Nerds
2020 Aug 0857m 3s
In this episode Kat and I talk about our origins, what helped us become the geeks/nerds that we are.