the matcha diaries
  • cara & leo
29 episodes
Welcome to the matcha diaries - the podcast where we talk about all things post grad and how to survive your twenties (semi) sane. Each week we'll be discussing different topics that are very close to our hearts - from navigating romantic relationships, friendships, finding the right career path to all things mental health. So pour yourself a matcha and hang out with us as we laugh about our failures, celebrate our little wins and motivate eachother to be the best versions of ourselves. 💚


Can we ever be truly authentic?
2021 Apr 281h 5m 40s
Is discovering your authentic self as easy as it seems? ✨
Journalling 101: tips, benefits & our favourite journal prompts
2021 Apr 2146m 47s
This week's episode is true to our podcast name.... an audio diary all about keeping a physical diary! 💚
Stress: it's more than just a buzzword
2021 Apr 1458m 53s
How often do you catch yourself saying you're stressed to others? Are you in a constant state of stress?
From strangers to flatmates... how do you make it work?
2021 Apr 071h 1m 9s
Ever wondered what would happen if you are suddenly stuck in lockdown with a stranger turned flatmate? This week Leo and her flatmate Ellie spill the tea and share their advice on navigating new living situations.
Chatty Q&A: our favourites, biggest fears & how to cope with expectations
2021 Apr 0155m 54s
This week’s episode is a fun one!! 💌
Are you really being healthy? body love & food myths
2021 Mar 2442m 49s
Love yourself first ✨
Advice from a dietitian: recovery, healing & finding the perfect balance
2021 Mar 1743m 3s
What should you ask yourself when recovering? ✨
Discussing our cultural differences & stereotypes we've faced
2021 Mar 1056m 26s
Answering the "where are you from question" 💚✨
Redefining your mindset & motivations
2021 Mar 0342m 40s
Stop selling yourself short!✨
Overcoming adversity & practicing tough love ft. Emily Duong
2021 Feb 2452m
In this week’s episode, we get to talk to the inspiring Emily Duong - host of the ‘What Fulfills You’ podcast, creator of the ‘Elite Skatewear’ brand, as well as her own social media agency ‘LOSHATTAN co’.