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Lee and Amy Tackle - Vote
2020 Jul 151h 42m 59s
Join Lee and Amy as they discuss anti-maskers, more random historical facts, Kanye West as president and more! More rants and laughs with a side of good news.
Lee and Amy Tackle: Another Rant
2020 Jul 082h 1m 27s
Join Lee and Amy for a another rant! We've got rants about pubs and updates on our lives, plus some fun facts about female pirates other historical facts both weird and wonderful.
Lee and Amy Tackle: Catch Up
2020 Jul 012h 10m 47s
Join Lee and Amy for a well needed catch up! From PS5 games to diet talks, to BLM protests and climate change. Nothing's off the table!
Lee and Amy Tackle: Funny Stories
2020 Jun 101h 24m 14s
Join Lee and Amy as they talk about some funny stories! From points in history to personal endeavours, we have a well needed laugh here!
Lee and Amy Tackle: Films
2020 Jun 031h 5m 3s
Join Amy and Lee for this episode about Films! We talk about what we've been watching in quarantine, our likes and dislikes and what films we're looking forward to once cinemas open up again.
Lee and Amy Tackle: Advertising
2020 May 271h 15m 8s
Join Amy and Lee for this episode about Advertising! We talk about or favourites and our worsts, and what we would do to change advertising. We'd love to hear your opinions too!
Lee and Amy Tackle: Jobs
2020 May 201h 17m 38s
Join Amy and Lee for this episode about Jobs! From our very first, to our very worst. We also have our Around The Web segment with some lighthearted and funny stories, so tune in!
Lee and Amy Tackle: The War on Drugs
2020 May 131h 3m 32s
DISCLAIMER: These are own experiences and opinions. Please do not stop taking your own medication or whatever you need to do for your own mental health, stay safe and stay well <3
Lee and Amy Tackle: Video Games
2020 May 061h 15s
Lee and Amy Tackle: Stonewall
2020 Apr 291h 4m 4s
Join Lee and Amy as they tackle the Stonewall Uprising and the first Pride March! This year marks the 50th year of the Christopher Street Liberation Day, AKA Pride March.