Mercer County Podcast Club
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A High School Podcast Club sponsored by the Soaring Eagles after school program.


Episode 7 - Favorite Moment in High School - Mrs. Fleuette - Natalie Finch
2021 Apr 1255m 25s
Welcome to the Mercer County Podcasting Club's April Episode!  Our student talk section this week deals with our Favorite High School moment, great masks to wear, zicadas, and where is Callie?  Then Brennan Fleuette gets to interview his own mother Mrs. Fleuette!  She is the librarian here at the High School and she will be telling us all about her life in the book world.  Last but not least, Griffen Kernan will be interviewing Natalie Finch on all the upcoming information on Prom.  Thanks for listening!
6.4 The Ten and Ben Show Episode 2!
2021 Mar 1832m 11s
The Ten and Ben Show is back!  Tenley Sprokston and Kierstin Benson are talking about their favorite topics once again.  Topics will include The Bachelor Finale, Prom, and The Grammy performances.  Really fun show that everyone should listen to!
P.E.A.H. 6.3 (Presidential Elections in American History)
2021 Mar 1212m 23s
Griffen Kernan is back with another great informative talk on a Presidential Election!  This episode focuses on the Election of 1876 with Hayes Vs. Tilden.  Not much drama during the Election itself, but afterwards there was quite a bit!  Tune in to see what happened!
Episode 6.2 The Ten and Ben Show!
2021 Mar 0529m 23s
Come and join Tenley Sproston and Kierstin Benson for the first Episode of the Ten and Ben show!  These two are going to talk about The Bachelor, 5SOS, coffee and what some of their favorite things in High School are.  Super fun show and we hope that you choose to listen!
West Side Story Critique from Music Appreciation!
2021 Mar 0321m 23s
The Music Appreciation Class just got done watching West Side Story.  West Side Story is a great musical that won Best Picture in 1961.  Did the kids like it?  What did they think about the plot and the characters?  Tune in to fine out!
Episode 6 - Car problems and testing! - Mr. Hofer - Anna Wagner
2021 Mar 0152m 35s
Welcome to the Mercer County Podcasting Club's March Episode!  Our first segment will be our student talk where Brennan Fleuette, Callie Seiring, Emma Mellgren, and myself talk about the cold weather, school testing and whatever else comes up!  Kierstin Benson then interviews Mr. Hofer to talk about his busy rescheduling of all the athletic events and the upcoming football season.  Lastly, Griffen Kernan has Anna Wagner in studio to talk about her preparations for college.  Thanks for listening!
PEAH 5.1 (Presidential Elections in American History) hosted by Griffen Kernan
2021 Feb 1517m 28s
Happy Presidents Day!  The Mercer County Podcasting Club would like to introduce Griffen Kernan's new podcast PEAH (Presidential Elections in American History).  Each episode Griffen will focus on a Presidential Election in the past and give you all the info and interesting aspects.  Please take a listen to see what Griffen has been working on!
Episode 5 - Valentine's Day - Mr. Chausse - Hogan Siering
2021 Feb 0148m 37s
Welcome to our February Episode!  Our first segment will be our Student Talk addressing Valentine's Day.  What their favorite candy is and maybe what some of their favorite Christmas gifts were from the Holidays.
Episode 4 - Happy New Year!
2021 Jan 1153m 44s
Our Student Talk session this month is all about our Seniors!  What stresses you out during the Senior year?  The Seniors tell us their plans for the future and what gives them anxiety during the college selection process.
Episode 3 - Favorite Christmas Gifts - Mrs. Hucke - Karissa Geisinger
2020 Dec 0252m 41s
Our Student talk session this month deals with the great Holiday of Christmas!  What has been your favorite Christmas gift over the years.  Does your family have any Holiday traditions?