Shop Talk with Richard and Joey
  • Jose R. Gonzalez, Jr./ Richard Mendez
30 episodes
Richard and Joey like to have drinks and throw down a conversation or two. Be a fly on the wall while they discuss anything from beers, cars, movies, and other randomness. Grab a drink and toast!


Ehh Le Randumb
2021 Apr 2851m 34s
On this episode, the boys talk French, talk about Lt. Stabler's butt, and high school restrooms. I don't know how to spell 'random.' Today's beer is Karbach Brewing Co.'s  Southern Wheat
Stocks are higher than 420
2021 Apr 221h 23m 28s
On this 'cloudy' episode, the boys talk 420, the stock market, and Sasquatch. That's the show. Drink it up or light it up: you choose. PornLaVaca
Spam and Strip Clubs
2021 Apr 1440m 52s
On this episode the boys discuss the many ways Spam his vital to their lives. Richard also introduces his new segment, "Gem on the Web." Mahalo for the downloads!
2021 Mar 311h 14m 15s
On this more serious episode, the boys talk relationships, current and past ones. They hope to offer wisdom and advice. Also, Easter is around the corner. This episode's beers are The Reverend quadruple ale (10%) and The Salty Lady (5.2%)
Spring Break 2021
2021 Mar 2445m 31s
On this episode, the boys talk about Spring Break 2021 and reminisce about past Spring Breaks. Plus, they talk an unusual amount of sports. Drink up, brew heads!
Happy St. Patrick's Day
2021 Mar 1738m 2s
On this episode, the boys celebrate and talk about St. Patrick's Day. Maybe, finally, the luck of the Irish is finally found (before it is chugged, of course)
International Women's Day
2021 Mar 101h 7m 28s
On this episode, the boys devote (almost) the entire episode to women, celebrating International Women's Day. Grab a cold drink and take a listen!
BBQ, Beer, and Boobs
2021 Mar 0347m 3s
(Please forgive the technical and sound difficulties) On this special episode, Richard and Joey interview their first guest, Big Paco. They dive into the professional world of BBQ while drinking some brews. Support your local business, like Big Paco,  while drinking some cold ones. Follow Paco on Instagram (big-pacs_bbq210) and Facebook!
Frozen tear in my beer
2021 Feb 241h 6m 46s
On this 'cold as ice' and 'packed' episode, the boys talk about their 'SnowVID' week, the long discussed frozen week that they and millions of Texans went through. They also talk about the awkwardness of couples arguing in public. Plus, a big hog of an urban legend. Hope you have a large and juicy drink at hand!
A real stunner on your a*$
2021 Feb 111h 3m 25s
On this episode, the boys talk about how tv shows have changed throughout the years, from cable to streaming, from sitcoms to wrestling. They also talk about their new Twitter account (@shoptalktricks). This episode deserves a beer, and that's the bottom line!