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2 horror YouTubers and a filmmaker discuss horror movies, true crime, the holiday of Halloween, creepy pastas, ARGs, and more! Starring Daryl “Mr MeatHook” Hook, “She Nerd” Annie Ciesla, and filmmaker Michael Coulombe


Episode 10 - Anna and the Apocalypse
2021 Mar 2738m 11s
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmarch!!! This week Christmas comes either really early or really late on Super Spoopy Podcast! Michael takes on a trip down Santa Claus Lane as we watch the 2017 Christmas zombie musical, Anna and the Apocalypse!! Will we all be dashing through the snow to jingle our bells, or will Michael end up with a big fat lump of coal in his stocking?
Episode 9 - Stitches / Lesser Known Clown Horror Movies / Horror Trivia
2021 Mar 1443m 33s
In this episode, we discuss 5 lesser known clown horror movies you check out and 5 to avoid, we play a round of Trivial Pursuit: horror edition, and we do a deep dive into the 2012 Conor McMahon horror comedy, Stitches
Episode 8 - Repo the Genetic Opera / Top Horror Musicals
2021 Feb 0651m 10s
On this episode of Super Spoopy Podcast, Daryl and Annie have a huge announcement, Annie talks about her favorite horror musicals, and all 3 of the gang talk about the 2008 Darren Lynn Bousman rock opera, Repo: The Genetic Opera
Episode 7 - Trick r Treat / Friday the 13th Ranking
2020 Dec 1451m 6s
We’re baaaaaaaaaaaack! After about a month hiatus, your 3 favorite lunatics have returned! Ok, to be real, this episode is a month late being released. In this episode we each discuss our 3 favorite and 3 least favorite Friday the 13th films. A bit later on, we review and take a deep dive into the 2007 Halloween themed horror anthology film, Trick r Treat.
Episode 6 - Chillerama / Richard Riehle Interview
2020 Nov 061h 7m 3s
On this episode Annie, Michael, and Daryl sit down and discuss the 2011 anthology horror/comedy/musical “Chillerama” directed by Joe Lynch, Adam Green, Bear McCreary, Adam Rifkin, and Tim Sullivan. We also had the absolute privilege of sitting down and talking to our first celebrity guest. A man whose career spans more than 400 movies and TV shows, Richard Riehle. His credits include: Chillerama, Hatchet, 3 From Hell, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, Fear inc, Casino, Office Space, and much more.
Episode 5 - WNUF Halloween Special / Unmade Nightmare on Elm Street sequels
2020 Oct 3040m 15s
Happy Halloween everyone!!! We hope everyone has a fantastic, yet safe time trick or treating, watching horror movies, or whatever you choose to do on your Halloween this year! Join us for our this fun sized episode of the Super Spoopy Podcast, when we give our thoughts on the 2013 Chris LaMartina shot on video movie, WNUF Halloween Special. Also, Daryl talks to us about some of the many unmade Nightmare on Elm Street sequels that could have haunted our dreams!
Episode 4 - House (1985) / Black Cats / Unmade Friday the 13th Sequels
2020 Oct 231h 1m 51s
On the newest episode of Super Spoopy Podcast, Michael is back!!! As such, we go with his movie pick, and we give our thoughts on the 1985 horror comedy “House” starring William Katt, Richard Moll, and George Wendt. Annie tells us about the superstition behind black cats. Daryl discusses several unmade Friday the 13th sequels. And finally, we briefly discuss Hereditary and slow burn horror in general! Tune in for a great time, as always!!!
Episode 3 - Demons / Resurrection Mary / The Funhouse Mummy
2020 Oct 0844m 52s
In this episode, Michael has to work, so we pop Michael Long’s podcast cherry as he sits down with us and discusses Demons. In other segments, Annie talks about the Chicago urban legend, Resurrection Mary. Finally, Daryl explains how turn of the century train robbing outlaw ended up becoming a mummy in a haunted house in Long Beach, California.
Episode 2 - CarousHELL / Russian Sleep Experiment/ Tragedy at the Haunted Castle
2020 Sep 281h 6m 7s
In this episode, the gang talks about the Russian Sleep Experiment ARG, the tragedy that occurred in the Six Flags Great Adventure Haunted Castle on May 11th 1984, and the 2016 Steve Rudzinski horror/comedy movie “CarousHELL”. Support indie horror by buying a Blu Ray of CarousHELL at:
Episode 1 - Night of the Demons / The Sun Vanished / Belle Gunness
2020 Sep 211h 16m 43s
In the inaugural episode of the Super Spoopy Podcast, Annie, Michael, and Daryl introduce themselves. Also on the slab, Annie discusses the ARG “The Sun Vanished.” Daryl talks about the first female American serial killer, Belle Gunness. The crew discusses the Friday the 13th lawsuit, while Michael gives his perspective as a filmmaker and writer. We play Night of the Demons trivia. We also review the 1988 cult classic movie, Night of the Demons. So come up to the lab, and see what’s on the slab. We see you shiver with antici...