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TLRP EP18 – In Search of Signals
2015 Aug 191h 18m 43s
In this week's Episode:  Lisse continues The YYC Music Appreciation Project and talks ton Search Of Signals about their new album Empty Oceans, the adventures of their last tour, and the sexual act of "Grapefruiting". The end of the episode features their song Emergence.
TLRP EP17 – Windigo Interview
2015 Aug 161h 17m 2s
Lisse talks to Windigo about there upcoming album, Zombicide, and playing music on roofs.
TLRP EP16 – YYC Music Appreciation Month, ft: Why, Marilyn
2015 Aug 051h 44m 43s
This week on the show, Lisse changes it up a bit and starts a brand new project, YYC Music Appreciation Project!  Lisse decides to interview all of her favourite Calgary bands/artists to show her appreciation for the local music scene.
LisseRocket EP15 – Food Truck Equality
2015 Jul 1130m 44s
Lisse Talks about working Vancouver's Food Cart Fest in Olympic Village and The U.S Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage.
LisseRocket EP14 – Victory
2015 Jun 1732m 48s
Lisse talks about meeting Marc Emery and a day spent in Victory Square.  Lisse also congratulates (sometimes) co-host Bailee on graduating post-secondary and sings a belated happy birthday to Tyler Middleton!
LisseRocket EP13 – Our Long National Nightmare is Over
2015 May 2735m 21s
Lisse Talks about David Letterman and his time on The Late Show coming to an end. Lisse gives her Top 5 of the Final Late Show Top 10, along with giving a review on the final episode and showing her appreciation for David Letterman and the entire team behind him for the last 33 years.
LisseRocket EP12 – What Happened to The Pen? Part Two
2015 May 2253m 40s
The first half of this episode Lisse discusses Doug Benson again and her hopes to start up the hashtag #LisseRocketGettingDoug, so please help her. Lisse also talks about her experience at The Comedy Mix in Vancouver and Will Sasso sticking the mic in her face because of her laugh, and how her laugh took over the evening.
LisseRocket EP11 – What Happened To the Pen? Part One
2015 May 201h 6m 58s
In the first half of the episode, Lisse attempts to explain / apologize for yet another hiatus.  She also discusses some must watch TV shows for your free time.
LisseRocket EP10
2015 Apr 2234m 42s
Rocket's 1st  420 in Vancouver, Celebrating 20 years of a beautiful and brief freedom.
LisseRocket EP09
2015 Apr 1648m 20s
West Coast / Best Coast