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We empower women, young women and girls, especially those living in local communities, to bridge the gap between global policies on Women and Peace and Security (WPS) and practical and necessary actions on the ground; and to achieve greater recognition and meaningful participation of women as key influencers and decision-makers.


L'anti-racisme avec Esther Atosha
2020 Dec 0717m 33s
Le Réseau mondial des femmes artisanes de la paix (GNWP) accueille Esther Atosha, jeune leader pour la paix de Bukavu en République démocratique du Congo (RDC)! Au cours des 16 jours d'activisme contre la violence basée sur le genre, GNWP s'est entretenu avec Esther pour discuter des diverses discriminations auxquelles les femmes pacifistes et militantes féministes sont confrontées dans leur travail au niveau local et mondial, y compris la discrimination fondée sur le genre et la race.
Anti-Racism with Esther Atosha
2020 Dec 079m 53s
The Global Network of Women Peacebuilders welcomes Esther Atosha, Young Women Leader for Peace from Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)! During the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, GNWP sat down with Esther to discuss the various discriminations that women peacebuilders & feminist activists face in their work at the local level and globally, including discrimination based on gender and race.
Episode 25: Young Women Leaders Global Dialogue
2020 Apr 181h 57m 32s
On April 15, 2020, the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP) hosted the first-ever global dialogue among its Young Women Leaders for Peace program and networks in 5 different countries: Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, the Philippines, and South Sudan.
Episode 24: Elimination of Gender-Based Violence
2019 Nov 2415m 14s
The Global Network of Women Peacebuilders welcomes its 4th Cora Weiss Peacebuilding Fellow, Heela Yoon! On the International Day for the Elimination of Gender-Based Violence, GNWP interns sat down with Heela of Afghanistan to discuss her journey on advancing the rights of young women.
Episode 23: Peace Day 2019
2019 Sep 2150m 20s
The Global Network of Women Peacebuilders wishes you a happy International Day of Peace 2019! Today is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace within and among all nations and peoples. The theme of this year’s Day of Peace is “Climate Action for Peace.”
Episode 22: Youth Day 2019
2019 Aug 1226m 5s
GNWP wishes everyone a Happy International Youth Day!
Episode 21: We Should All Be Feminists
2019 Jul 0228m 58s
In this episode, Shivi Thakur and Hidehiko Yamashita, two Global Network of Women Peacebuilders interns, have an interesting discussion with Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, former President of the Security Council and an inspirational champion for sustainable peace and gender equality. A fervent believer in the power of civil society, Ambassador Chowdhury gives some advice on how to take advantage of the 20th anniversary of UNSCR 1325 in order to address systems of gendered power and violence, and criticizes the tendency of politicians to use the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda in order to be reelected.
Episode 20: Peace Exchange Participants
2018 Aug 2415m 59s
Shalini Medepalli, a Research and Advocacy Intern, talks to Tea Jaliashvili (from Georgia) and Maria Dmytrieva (from Ukraine) about their role as Peace Exchange Participants, the importance of Localization and what next steps need to be taken to successfully implement UNSCR 1325. Localization is key to GNWP's implementation of UNSCR 1325, as the innovative strategy of convening local actors to create local action plans allows for the alignment of national policies at the grassroots level. This allows for local communities to gain ownership in regards to women, peace and security. As said by Maria, "localization gives every group of women the tools and the knowledge to make their needs known and taken into account." The podcast takes place in Moldova, so the importance of Media, NAP and Localization workshops are also discussed. Maria is able to express the success of the workshops by talking about the aftermath of the workshops in Ukraine. "People from other Oblasts [regions] keep calling and asking for us to hold similar [localization] events at their Oblast centers. Everybody wants in, and everyone wants to know what it is and how to use it".
Episode 19: Cora Weiss
2018 Jul 2526m 27s
In this interview podcast, Cora speaks to Research and Advocacy interns Shalini Medepalli and Naima Kane about some of the highlights of her involvement in the global peace movement –the Vietnam War protests and banning of nuclear testing as well as international solidarity work such as the African-American Students Foundation. She also speaks about the future and challenges today’s generation to continue the fight to end the scourge of war—the reason why the United Nations was founded.
Episode 18: Young Women for Peace and Leadership are the Leaders of Today
2018 Jun 2738m 24s
Young Women for Peace and Leadership (formerly the Girl Ambassadors for Peace) discuss youth leadership.