• Chamber House
11 episodes

Welcome to Chamber House, hosted by Dabney Morris. Each week we ask a composer to write and record a brand new 2-minute work. We premier it here on the show and talk with the composer about whatever comes to mind.


Episode 10: Drum & Lace
2020 Dec 0911m 32s
This episode, we premier Drum & Laces’s new piece “Evapora,” and discuss genre-less music and how live performance and solitary composition can influence each other.
Episode 09: Emily Rice
2020 Nov 1816m 3s
This episode we premier Emily Rice's new piece, “What It Feels Like to Fall In Love,” and discuss composing for picture vs. composing for yourself, the cello, and Ennio Morricone.
Episode 08: Ariel Marx
2020 Oct 2810m 52s
This episode, we premier Ariel Marx's new piece “Somnambulist,” and discuss short films, composing with the violin, and sleepwalking.
Episode 07: Ian Hultquist
2020 Oct 20
This episode we premier Ian Hultquist's new piece, “Take 2,” and discuss the importance of human interaction, how pop production can influence film scoring, and being a new parent.
Episode 06: Shruti Kumar
2020 Oct 1313m 23s
This episode, we premier Shruti’s new piece, “Knocked For Six,” and discuss remote production, artistic activism, and how disparate sounds can work together.
Episode 05: Lisa Liu
2020 Sep 3012m 31s
This episode, we premier Lisa’s piece, “Isolation,” and discuss the origins of Unison Orchestra, improvisation, and what it’s like to share a pet.
Episode 04: Joseph Carrillo
2020 Sep 2410m 38s
This episode we premier Joseph Carrillo's new piece, “Insomnia,” and discuss home studios, minimizing baggage, and creative prepping.
Episode 03: Catherine Joy
2020 Sep 2213m 8s
On this episode, we premier Catherine’s new piece, “On Purpose” and discuss remote score production, collaboration vs performance, and cello envy.
Episode 02: Raashi Kulkarni
2020 Sep 178m 57s
This episode we premier Raashi Kulkarni's new piece, “Echoes and Shadows,” and discuss releasing projects during a pandemic, Indian classical music, and super heroes.
Episode 01: Ro Rowan
2020 Sep 1515m 12s
This episode we premier Ro Rowan's, “The World Outside” and talk about remote recording, creativity in isolation, and the German word “weltshmerz.”