Ending heresy and schism
  • Joshua Scheibach
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Hello I’m Josh , a devout Catholic , who recently converted from Protestantism . I started this Podcast with the goal of teaching and defending the faith and looking deeper into theology and church history. I will also bring up news events every now and then on what’s going on within the Christian communities and other hot topics . Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/joshua-scheibach/support


Is Justification by faith alone? And can you loose salvation?
2021 Jan 0718m 42s
In this episode we go through some misconceptions about the catholic faith when it comes to justification by works and how it actually lines up with scripture and the early church. You can find some of the church fathers quotes I used and many more here : https://www.catholic.com/tract/what-the-early-church-believed-faith-and-works .........and here : https://www.catholic.com/tract/reward-and-merit
Baptismal Regeneration and Pedobaptism ( YouTube video audio extraction )
2020 Oct 1417m 2s
In this Episode We go over infant baptism and regeneration in scripture and the early church by listening to a video I made in regards to the topic on my YouTube channel. all quotes from church fathers can be found here:
why abortion shouldn’t be legal ( YouTube video audio extraction )
2020 Oct 1415m 4s
This Episode is a audio extraction of my YouTube channel rebuttal video to Nandini from the channel “SAYS” on her video explaining why she believes abortion should be legal . I’ll be going over my reasons why abortion shouldn’t be legal . I also wanna give a big thanks to apologist Trent Horn for teaching me much on this topic.
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