The Kitan Olaifa Podcast
  • Kitan Olaifa
6 episodes
Your favourite hype girl has started a podcast series to bring encouragement to you! My hope is that this podcast series will fill you up with courage to overcome your fears, hope to pursue your dreams and confidence to take a leap of faith. So, whether you are getting ready for your day, getting your chef skills on in the kitchen, working and hustling away, doing your night skin routine to get that skin popping! You can listen and be proactive at being who God has called you to be. Let’s go!


Episode 5: Own your voice.
2020 Jul 276m 45s
This episode is all about owning your voice! Maybe you struggle to speak up at some moments in your life, you’re not alone! Check out this episode for encouragement on boldly using your voice.
Episode 4: Idolising the product
2020 Jul 064m 22s
How many times do we idolise those who influence us, but yet forget the journey?!
Episode 3: Embrace obedience and let go of the regrets!
2020 Jul 066m 8s
This episode is a reminder to keep on obeying even when we doubt ourselves.
Episode 2: Let's go and celebrate!
2020 Jun 104m 21s
Celebrating others is a way of life but it is not always easy to do so!
Episode 1: Are you afraid of your talents?
2020 Jun 095m 12s
We all have talents, whether these are our skills, passions, finances and whatever it is that we bring to the table. But knowing you have talents is completely different to doing something with those talents! So have a listen and find out what you can do to put those talents to work!
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