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212 - Vendor vs Value Added Reseller Sales Engineers
2021 Apr 0828m 49s
We all our sales engineers in this career, but when you work for a vendor your goals and outlook often differ from your counterpart sales engineer working for a value added reseller.  In this episode we discuss some of the differences and view points from each side of the table so we can find common ground to all be successful in our careers.
211 - Learning to Soar as a Sales Engineer
2021 Mar 2425m 36s
Most professionals have some form of professional training, schooling, or certification to validate your ready for your chosen profession.  For Sales Engineers our trial is by fire and we are often thrown into the deep end to swim or sink.   Being able to "launch" career in real time and soar while striving to meet the expectations placed on you requires discipline and a plan of attack.  We share some insights and tricks of the trade to help you get off the ground running on this episode of Sales Burrito.
210 - Key Account Planning for Sales Engineers
2021 Mar 1826m 58s
When you get your new quota for the year, you need a plan to attack your customer base to accelerate expansion, grow your new customers, and tap new markets.  Having a key account plan for the critical targets is key.  Guess what it isn't just the account manager responsible, we as sales engineers own the responsibility too and we take on this topic today on Sales Burrito.
209 - Managing Sales Engineering Teams in EMEA
2021 Mar 1029m 30s
While we often think that sales engineers are the same everywhere, the cultural part of the different areas of the globe makes it different.  On this episode we are honored to have Linus Svennson joining us as a guest discussing managing and building high performing SE teams in the EMEA market.
208 - Selling With Your C-Suite Executives
2021 Mar 0324m 55s
There will come a time when your boss, CEO, or other senior executive will join your sales call.  This can be a boiler room experience and a good sales team will harness this horsepower to their advantage over creating a nervous situation.  We will cover how to leverage these situations to your advantage on this episode of Sales Burrito.
207 - Are You a Leader or Manager?
2021 Feb 2428m 40s
Often times people confuse an SE Leader and a SE Manager as one in the same.  A manager goes through the motions of management, a leader is dynamic, leads by example, sets the vision, and is the tip of the spear for the culture of the sales engineering organization.  On this episode, we dive into the qualities and traits that one needs to have to be able to truly call themselves a Leader.
206 - Selling With Your Customer: How to pivot and sell above the line.
2021 Feb 1722m 12s
This week we talk through how to sell WITH your customer not TO your customer.  There are a few things you can do to help you navigate the sales process building a joint sale with your customer that can change your success.  One of them is to use the right terminology and get access early to the key decision business makers by leveraging your technical champions for access to the above the line budget holders.   This episode inspired by the excellent book from Skip Miller - Selling Above and Below the Line.
204 - The ABCs of a POC
2021 Feb 0427m 13s
The reason we execute a POC is to win a customer towards purchasing our product or solution.  In the context of a POC, we as the Sales Engineers are looking to secure the technical win.  How you get the technical win can be achieved through a POC and learning the ABCs how to be successful in a POC we discuss today on Sales Burrito.
203 - The All-ins and Outs of Salary Negotiation
2021 Jan 2724m 6s
On this episode of Sales Burrito we stake our our position and teach you how to take the gamble out maximizing your value in the salary negotiation phase of accepting that new job offer.
202 - The Three Whys
2021 Jan 1423m 39s
Everyone in sales comes across the need to get their customer to understand The Three Whys.  We cover what they are and how to address them on this episode of Sales Burrito.