A Catholic and a Protestant Walk Into a Podcast
  • Dante Macaluso
5 episodes
Dante Macaluso and Ben Babione are a Catholic and a Protestant who like to talk faith. They also happen to be friends and Butler Bulldogs. Tune in to hear them speak with people from diverse backgrounds and traditions in an attempt to learn a thing or two.


Hannah Beaven
2020 Nov 2737m 12s
Hannah is a sophomore at Butler, a CFV Interfaith Intern, and a United Methodist. She speaks about her knack for asking important questions, her passion for interfaith work (truth and unity and pluralism, oh my!), the Bible, and maintaining an eternal perspective.
Maddie Pines
2020 Nov 2042m 7s
The new Vice President of Butler Hillel, Maddie, comes on the podcast to discuss her background as a Reform Jew, the importance of the Jewish community, Israel, and interfaith experiences as a Center for Faith and Vocation Scholar. All live from an RV!
Manahil Nadeem
2020 Nov 0445m 39s
Ben and Dante are joined by Manahil, a junior at Butler and the current President of the Muslim Student Association on campus. She talks about MSA, her experiences as a Muslim woman, fasting, and fighting stereotypes. You don't want to miss it!
Meet Patel
2020 Oct 2344m 23s
This time Ben and Dante speak with Meet,  a sophomore at Butler who immigrated to the United States from India ten years ago. He describes his roots in the Hindu religion, what it means to him, common misconceptions, and his work as an intern for the Center for Faith and Vocation on campus.
Dr. Brent Hege
2020 Oct 0951m 58s
In this debut episode, Dr. Hege speaks with Ben and Dante about his faith background as a "cradle Lutheran," how it impacts his perspective on the pandemic, and his experiences teaching religion at a secular university.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.