THE ARENA - Living a Courageous Life
  • Linda McLachlan
32 episodes
I blew up my life: career, relationship, home, booze, fitness and lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier. A daily dose of ordinary courage can lead to extraordinary change. Join me, Linda McLachlan, and my diverse and inspiring guests for stories of conscious, everyday courage.


Michelle Boit - Dream Bigger
2021 May 0930m 33s
Michelle is a sister, daughter, mother and niece.
Jule Kucera - Empathic Bond
2021 Apr 0429m 12s
Jule Kucera is an author, podcaster, and educator who believes that stories have the power to make us smarter. After a successful 30-year career, she now spends her days doing what she used to do only on nights and weekends.
Lisa Iversen - Courageous in Her Field
2021 Mar 2832m 4s
Currently based in the United States, in the Pacific Northwest, Lisa has a Masters in Social Work, a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and English, with a minor in Women’s Studies. She’s been a psychotherapist for almost 30 years, and has been facilitating Systemic and Family Constellations work for the past 20 years. She also co-hosted the radio show, “Life Conversations presents Ancestral Blueprints” with Atlanta-based host Adé Anifowose and Ombassa Sophera.
Natalie Esparza - Curiosity & Words of Affirmation
2021 Mar 2127m 7s
Natalie Esparza is a young, queer, Hispanic woman with a very bright future. She’s about to publish her first book, Spectacle which is full of the lessons of her relatively young life. Spectacle is about her journey as a young, queer woman wrestling with taboo subjects such as sexuality, religion, financial status, and mental health and wondering why she didn't fit in to the conventional understanding of the world.
Kelly O'Haney - Get Out and Move
2021 Mar 1420m 6s
Kelly O’Haney is a sister, daughter and mom. As a teenager, she was a gifted athlete and student. A car accident and head injury radically changed her performance in high school, and she ultimately dropped out, but not for long. She fought her way back, finished school and become a teacher. She taught in an economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and was recognized as teacher of the year. She’s been teaching for over 30 years.
Maria Esterline - Being a Possibilitarian
2021 Mar 0730m 22s
Maria is a sister, daughter and mom.
Özlem Özkan - Lead Your Life with Your Heart
2021 Feb 2828m 12s
Özlem is a daughter and sister. She is a nomad having lived in several countries. It seems a place is not simply a destination but an opportunity to experience life in that place on as many levels as possible.
Jesse Lipscombe - Always Forward
2021 Feb 2121m 6s
Jesse Lipscombe is an actor, former athlete, activist and entrepreneur. The Alberta native began his career as an actor at age 14 in the film, Children of the Dust, starring legendary actor, Sidney Poitier. At 18, Jesse accepted a full athletic scholarship to the prestigious Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA where he was a breakout track star. Presently, Jesse continues to act, while also producing many award-winning film and television productions (It’s Not My Fault, I Don’t Care Anyway, Tiny Plastic Men).  Outside of the arts, Jesse invests in various businesses and runs a consultancy, inspired by the #MakeItAwkward campaign he launched in 2016 to combat racism, misogyny, homophobia and hatred. He works with organizations and leaders to help them understand and address racism.
Steve Emery - 100 Days of Courage
2021 Feb 1426m 26s
Episode 22: 100 Days of Courage
Miranda Kamal & Linda McLachlan (Part 2) - Blue skies
2021 Feb 0717m 24s
This is Part 2 of my conversation with Miranda Kamal where we share more of her story and some of mine.