• Bo Reifschneider
4 episodes
In this podcast, we discuss life and beliefs held by many people. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theoryoflife/support


The Disappearance of Lauren Spierer
2020 Jun 1617m 13s
In this episode we go over the unsolved case of Lauren Spierer, a student at Indiana University who went missing one night without a trace as to what happened to her.
Is The Future Real?
2020 Jun 156m 7s
In this episode, we dive into the topic of whether or not the future is real. We look into philosophers and the concept of time to try to figure it out.
We All Become Doppelgängers of Ourselves
2020 Jun 0512m 14s
In this episode we follow Johnny through his life while he discovers something about life.
Everything Happens For a Reason?
2020 Jun 026m 4s
The topic of this episode is whether or not everything happens for a reason. Many people believe that there is a reason for everything to happen but there are always two sides to an argument.
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