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24 episodes
Jim Taylor explores the lives of East Coast souls who made the NWT their home.


March 18, 2019: Doug Johnston
2019 Jul 0137m 7s
Doug Johnston tells Jimmy about how his career aspirations have switched from French Forensic Psychologist to Programmer, to Web Marketer, and his adventures in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, France, and India.
March 11, 2019: Darrell Conway
2019 Jun 2428m 35s
Darrell Conway is from Saint John's Newfoundland and talks to Jimmy about how his drywalling career took him away from Yellowknife and then back again.
March 3, 2019: Trevor McKay
2019 Jun 1733m 56s
February 25, 2019: Janna Graham
2019 Jun 1021m 48s
Jim speaks with Jenna Graham about working at a radio station, travels in Texas, living in Upper Economy, Nova Scotia, and other tales.
February 18, 2019: Rich McIntosh
2019 Jun 0329m 45s
Jim Taylor overlooks the non-East Coast provenance of Rich Taylor; they discuss his move to Cape Breton, how he ended up in Yellowknife as well as his new dog sled business.
January 28, 2019: Phillip Chalker
2019 May 2023m 43s
A long-time Yellowknifer speaks to Jimmy about how the city has changed over 25 years and what he loves about the north.
January 21, 2019: Johnny Mombo
2019 May 1328m 31s
Johnny Mambo (from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia) and Jimmy T talk about bar-tending, playing the guitar, and how Johnny's 2-year plan has turned into 8+ years in Yellowknife.
January 14, 2019: Elvis Brown
2019 May 0628m 31s
Elvis Brown describes how Yellowknife has become a home away from his native Newfoundland and why he won't move back to retire unlike many others from his area.
January 7, 2019: Eugene Roach
2019 Apr 2929m 27s
Eugene Roach details his transition from a small fishing village on the east coast of New Brunswick to Mayo, Yukon to start his career as a teacher and soon after to Yellowknife.