Mil-talk-ee with Alexander Kostal
  • Alexander Kostal
9 episodes
A Milwaukee-based podcast centered on conversations about politics and policy with thought leaders throughout the Cream City.


Dana Kelley on revitalizing MPS and the importance of public education
2021 Feb 0149m 13s
I've been wanting to do an education centric episode for a while now. I sat down with MPS School Board District 4 candidate Dana Kelley for a wide-reaching and inspiring conversation about improving our public school district.
Chris Walton on Biden's First 100 Days and a new America
2021 Jan 2841m 14s
I spoke to Milwaukee Democratic Party Chair Chris Walton on why Americans should be excited for Joe Biden, and what his administration's first 100 days may look like.
Staff Chat: QAnon, The Capitol "Coup," and the Future of the Far Right
2021 Jan 2054m 44s
Thing are getting dicey out there. I sit down with our producer James Wieland for a discussion about what comes next for the Far Right, and how best to counter their influence.
Thomas Hansberger on why socialism matters
2021 Jan 081h 10m 10s
Marquette University lecturer and Milwaukee DSA co-chair Thomas Hansberger joined me to explain why socialism matters in 2021, and the important work being done by socialists throughout the country to win better wages for workers, medicare for all, and a more equitable America.
Rick Banks on community action and moving Milwaukee forward
2020 Nov 1255m 10s
In this episode I speak with Rick Banks, a community organizer, leader with BLOC, and former classmate of mine in both high school and college. Rick has countless solid ideas for improving our community, and I think you'll enjoy listening to this wonky and productive discussion.
The Essential Optimism of Marvin Pope
2020 Oct 231h 34m 57s
Since I first decided to create this podcast, I knew Marvin would be one of my first guests. I've known Marvin as a friend and coworker for seven years, and I've watched as he's connected with countless people over his passion, which is to learn about the passions of others.  This episode is a bit of a departure from our usual themes, as Marvin's work touches the art, fashion, and entrepreneurial worlds more than the political. In the second half of the episode however, Marvin discusses his new initiative, the LOVE Act proposal, which sees his talents focus on policy suggestions to improve life for Milwaukee's African American community.
Ryan Clancy on reforming the service industry
2020 Sep 2147m 51s
Those who know me best understand my deep passion for the service industry and the unique struggles its employees face. For my first episode, I spoke with Ryan Clancy, a newly elected County Supervisor, owner of Bounce Milwaukee, and leader behind The PRAWN, an organization dedicated to advancing the rights of service industry employees. I think this conversation ended up centering on some very important challenges facing the bar and restaurant industry, and offered some inspiring solutions to bring about a more equitable industry.  You can learn more about The PRAWN at or on their Facebook page.
Episode 0: An Introduction to Mil-talk-ee
2020 Sep 216m 38s
Here's where it all begins. A brief introduction to the podcast, its goals, and the work I look forward to presenting going forward.
Alex Brower on organizing power and progressive campaigning in Milwaukee
2020 Aug 2756m 56s
I sat down with local community activist and union leader Alex Brower for a discussion about his background, his past candidacy for Milwaukee City Comptroller, and his upcoming candidacy for school board. I think you'll enjoy our chat, and the ideas we worked through.