The Name For My Depression Is Roger
  • thundering dumass
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Sometimes I talk about funny stuff most of the time I talk about sad stuff so that pretty much it


I like eggs
2021 Apr 2730m 54s
Just chilling in senior rapids
2021 Apr 157m 12s
I want to die
2021 Mar 1353m 13s
Egg good πŸ‘
2021 Feb 0941m 35s
Stop Johnny
I’m taking about nerd stuff again
2021 Jan 2451m 41s
I take about nerd stuff for an hour
2021 Jan 231h 11m 13s
If you want to learn about gunpla here’s a YouTube channel you could probably look up mecha gaikotsu
Lego my eggoπŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
2021 Jan 2235m 38s
Yes we are back
I’m back
2021 Jan 2119m 10s
I’m back kid
Of what you guys can look forward to is just Sadness so have fun with that
2021 Jan 219m 57s
April Fool's the same as my birthday comes every year