the Engage & Activate podcast
  • Nic Zoffel / Kyle Rudick
9 episodes
Nic Zoffel, Kyle Rudick, featuring Katherine Hendrix and other guests, share stories about study habits that went awry, obsessive curiosities to figure out problems, lessons learned through vice, adventures built through cross-cultural relationships, and learning how to be attentive to politics, social justice, racism, sexism, gender discrimination, protest, and popular culture. It's not easy navigating college, understanding academic-life, or planning for beyond; however, together, we can try.


Nic & Kyle Talk With Mathew Daube About Mental & Physical Health
2020 Dec 011h 35m 24s
Mental and physical health issues are not “added burdens” but are parts of human variability. Something to be valued as differing types of human experiences. With our guest Mathew Daube we discuss navigating higher education and its approach to disabilities, developing a language for self-advocacy, and the de-stigmatization of health issues.
Nic & Kyle Talk About Mindfulness & Share Mediation-Time
2020 Oct 2757m 20s
When the topic of mindfulness comes up, there are people out there who still imagine that meditation is a waste of time or a notification that you dismiss when it pops up on your phone or watch.
Nic & Kyle Talk About Study Habits and Self-Care
2020 Oct 1551m 37s
"Get busy living' or get busy dying" In this episode, we explore busyness and the traps students tend to fall into in their pursuits of "doing." We talk about the differences between quality vs. quantity, share tools on time management, and discuss how to do self-care that goes beyond shallow mantras, motivation quotes, or "just hunkering down to get it done."
Nic & Kyle Talk About Authority, Cultural Capital, & Demystifying Institutional Culture
2020 Sep 141h 21s
With so much bureaucracy and unspoken rules it often feels like you're the pawn in a game where you don't know the rules until you break one or feel like there's an impending crisis. In this episode, we explore what is cultural capital, talk about the food-chain of higher education, and share tools on how to take ownership of ones learning and promote positive interactions with faculty and the various parts of academic institutions.
Nic & Kyle Talk About the Importance of Building a Vocabulary for Justice
2020 Sep 1452m 6s
This episode is the kick-off of a 5-part series by unpacking the question, "what is justice?" and connecting it to student activism. We also offer a caution that activism is not something done for or about marginalized people; rather, working together to articulate a better future.
Nic & Kyle Talk About Making the Most of Your Education.
2020 Sep 1451m 32s
The first Engage & Activate podcast is here! Along with putting voice to the text, we're feeling a sense of newness to all of this medium. A book that attempts to do more than regurgitate information for the classroom, but attempts to become something where you can read, listen, and most importantly take ownership of our discussion. We appreciate you listening, as we try to provide a reminder that it’s not easy always easy navigating college or planning for a life beyond; however, together, we can.
Introducing: Engage & Activate!
2020 Sep 142m 15s
Join us for season 1 as Nic & Kyle (featuring Katherine Hendrix), navigate and unpack the ideas from their book Engage & Activate. Together, they'll introduce listeners to concepts from the book, share stories and thought on the cultural and social tools you can use to connect with others, effect change, and create communities that are more just and humane.
Nic says hello in 40sec!
2020 Sep 1450s
Nic says hello in 40sec!
Kyle says hello in 40sec!
2020 Sep 1450s
Kyle says hello in 40sec!
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