• Ezangelo Anderson
26 episodes
Its about any and everything scary, horror, ghost, aliens and even some anime because yes I’m a nerd too. Also we’ll have some good guest, with great stories. Follow the podcast page on twitter UniverseEA and the Facebook group page Universe EA. Also tune in on twitch zan_31third


*Mini* Are you LIVING or are you CONTROLLED?
2021 Apr 1534m 40s
Late night convos with the bro Dlo getting his prospective on free will.
Men’s thoughts are walking chaos
2021 Mar 141h 17m 56s
Spoiler Alert on Choas Walking. New Tom Holland (New 52 Spider-Man Marvel) movie, fantasy thriller review with the homie Dlo Jig
Interviewing a Dragon
2021 Jan 1147m 31s
Let’s take a deep dive in “Dragon” Janes fight life.
New Years Banger
2021 Jan 011h 6m 47s
This the year anniversary of Universe's and the new year so bring it in with us
Witches, Dark Tales and some vintage games
2020 Dec 241h 3m 45s
The bros are having a Christmas Special for y’all tonight
More motivation and Anime expectations
2020 Dec 031h 5m 21s
Never give up on your dreams but push yourself beyond your own limits. Go plus ultra, go ultra instinct, go as hard as you possibly can. Then once you make it to that 10k hours, do another then it’s too easy for you. Happy Gday my boy Dlo, Kobe year out here.
You’ve Been Mandela
2020 Nov 2028m 35s
Some wild ish and you wouldn’t even know it
Will you make it?
2020 Nov 0352m 40s
Myself, Dave and Dlo travel the world in a smal time frame
Wanna laugh or wanna scream
2020 Oct 221h 15m 54s
Great memories and more survivors with Didi, and Dragon James
Emergency Tale
2020 Sep 2324m 43s
Yo boy was almost outta there. Close RIP