• Carla Wilmaris & WaxKyng
17 episodes
Who says two alphas can't be in a successful loving relationship? Certainly not Wax Kyng & Carla Wilmaris. Their love is unconventional, unfiltered, and constantly pushes the boundaries of a traditional fairytale relationship. With a little one on the way, you'll join them through their first time parenting together...and if you've read the title of this show you know you're in for a ride! They'll have interactive segments, divorce court hearings, Pastor Wax sermons, & so much more. It's going to be bumpy, but every real relationship is right?!


EP 15: Mama Needs a Nap!
2021 Feb 231h 7m 41s
Carla & Wax have a very dynamic schedule. With a new born and two ambitious hustlers in the household there is a likely chance of feeling overwhelmed.
Ep 14: Sex is NOT a gift
2021 Feb 1342m 56s
Pet peeve of the week :
EP 13: Baby Psalm Is Finally Here!
2021 Jan 2646m 24s
This episode is very special to us because we are finally welcoming Baby Pslam to our Whatever She Says, family!
EP 12: Is Work Life Balance Even Possible?
2021 Jan 121h 6m 54s
Carla is officially 9 months pregnant this week!! Can you guess when the baby is going to come?!
Ep 11: Vulnerability is a Superpower
2021 Jan 051h 7m 35s
Cheers to the New Year!
Ep 10 Goodbye 2020!
2020 Dec 291h 10m 21s
ATTENTION: We are Looking for a destination wedding planner! Please reach out or refer anyone you think will be great! We are specifically looking to support a black business!
EP 9: No Christmas Presents Please!
2020 Dec 2650m 33s
Merry Christmas!!! It's Carla and Wax's first Christmas engaged and Carla has requested for it to be a Christmas without presents! Wax doesn't know if he should believe her or not. Is he falling into a trap?
Pass Da Word Bonus: New Levels New Devils
2020 Dec 227m 8s
This week we are in the holiday spirit and are going to gift you two episodes lol.
EP 8: She Said Yes!
2020 Dec 151h 6m 55s
We’re engaged and Wax can’t believe that he is a “fiancé” !
Ep 7: Trying to Change People & Trauma Bonding
2020 Dec 0855m 1s
Carla is officially 8 months this week & the baby shower has quickly arrived. Thank you for supporting the show & don't forget to send this to a friend!