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BeelerCast Episode: 108 – Beeler talks with Rob Deichert about leadership
2021 Feb 2153m 40s
Rob Deichert and I recorded this back in July as a webcast. Rob shared his ideas on Linkedin in a series of articles and he laid out some no bullshit tactics and colorful analogies he really needs to explain. Rob recently became CRO at TuneIn.
BeelerCast Episode: 107 – Beeler talks with Ben Reid
2021 Jan 1655m 16s
This is actually the audio only version of a webcast I did with Ben Reid, CEO of Elasticiti. (https://www.elasticiti.com/). The topic of our conversation: How to be Convincing with Data. Depending on your role, you may be the person closest to the data that people need to make smart decisions for your company. But how can you help make that data tell a story?
BeelerCast Episode: 106 – Beeler talks with Brendan Riordan-Butterworth
2021 Jan 0846m 27s
I take no time to tackle the big issues on this episode: where are the white sunglasses, Brendan? More importantly we discuss identity, tying some of it back to attempts in the past to accomplish what we must this year. If you want to be anonymous, we need to know who you are.
BeelerCast Episode: 105 – Beeler talks about People in Programmatic Roles
2020 Dec 0523m 46s
This isn't an interview but instead the audio recording of a presentation I gave at adPushup's Programmatic Meetup 2020 back in October. The session  was labeled "the programmatic publisher" and was described as A glance at how publishing is changing. Working in not a just programmatic-only, but a programmatic-driven environment. Forecasting the evolution of responsibilities for programmatic pros going forward.
BeelerCast Episode: 104 – Beeler talks with Walter Knapp
2020 Nov 0750m 50s
Sovrn is an ad tech company that's made some interesting bets. I catch up with CEO Walter Knapp and talk through their strategy and what's really important to publishers: independence.
BeelerCast Episode: 103 – Beeler talks with Neal Thurman & Dan Rua
2020 Oct 3132m 32s
Beeler talks with Neal Thurman (Coalition for Better Ads / Brand Safety Institute) and Dan Rua (Admiral) about their call for participation in a pilot program. We talk about ad blocking, better ad experiences and a new segment: "To Catch an Ad Blocker".
BeelerCast Episode: 102 – Beeler talks with Sonali Verma
2020 Oct 2433m 41s
Rob Beeler, talks paywalls, registration and the interesting work done by The Globe and Mail with machine learning.
BeelerCast Episode: 101 – Beeler talks with Warren Zenna
2020 Oct 1937m 42s
Rob Beeler speaks with Warren Zenna about the role of the CRO and the changes the pandemic have had on how we work.
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