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My passion is to proclaim that we have daily freedom through our everyday Savior. Teaching freedom principles that will enable listeners to turn from freaking out to freedom. I count it a privilege to be a part of ladies events in Canada & beyond, and welcome to my podcast!


Episode #25: Don't Mess with THIS Momma!
2021 Apr 0728m 3s
Missy Maxwell Worton is an incredible prayer warrior, author and momma. She also happens to be our guest on this week's episode. I love Missy's authenticity and tenacity in her pursuit of her daughter as they rescued her from a terrifying situation. I admire how Missy shares about the turmoil that happened in her marriage during this intense season and the wrestle with forgiveness she had to have so that she could walk in victory.  Here's where you can find Missy and her amazing book: Facebook: Missy Maxwell Worton@dontmesswiththismama Amazon link: Listen in and be challenged and  encouraged. As always to learn more about Flying Free Ministries and Andrea Fehr you can head to
Episode #24: Bandaged People
2021 Mar 3117m 4s
All of us are in relationship. We have family, friends and aquaintances. Relationships can be amazing but sometimes they are brutal. Relationship is our freedom focus this quarter. Hop on to this episode and listen to Andrea give you a sneak peek of some of the amazing ladies and fellow authors she will be introducing over the next few months. Andrea will also share with you a recent picture God gave her that's helpful to remember while relating to others. As always feel free to share this episode with others and please drop Andrea a line at
Episode #23 Dig into your Dreams
2021 Mar 2514m 57s
Digging into your dreams can be impossible when you can't remember what your dreams are. Today's episode is a walk down memory lane with Andrea that will lead you to remember your dreams and desires from your youth. Things change over time and each season of life is different but each of us has had moments when our hearts loved what we were doing. Let's take time to pause and remember those moments. How are our dreams a part of our lives? What dreams do we keep putting on hold? What is that thing you have always wanted to do/learn but something keeps holding you back from giving it a try? It's a beautiful thing to remember that God has placed seeds of dreams in our hearts that are aligned with our God given gifts. You don't have do this alone, if digging into a dream makes you nervous or remembering what you used to dream about leaves you overwhelmed please reach out to Andrea today and book a FREE coaching session. She would love to connect with you. PS. If you are curious/eager to write your own book, schedule a session and Andrea will answer your questons with joy.
Episode #22: What gifts?!?!? God didn't give me any.
2021 Mar 1715m 38s
Have you ever felt like you have nothing to offer? That when God was handing out gifts and talents He skipped you? I have too BUT it is not true! All of us have so much to offer but sometimes we just need to be reminded how we can do that. In seasons of transition or struggle it can be easy to lose sight of how God views us. We were created uniquely for a reason so click on this episode and enjoy a time of encouragement and hope as you rediscover the some of the gifts you have been given. Want to talk about it? No problem, click here to sign up for a complimentary coaching session with me. I LOVE to encourage and listen, you don't have to do this alone. htttp://
Episode #21: Energy Boosters
2021 Mar 1014m 55s
Powerful, practical, strategies for becoming recharged available here. Once we've done our energy inventory we move into two essential concepts for increasing our energy. Our phones need to recharge. Our vehicles need maintenance. Obviously we need to be checking in with ourselves to see what is working and what isn't and be willing to tweak accordingly. Enjoy this episode of honesty, potentially beneficial strategies and a sense of belonging. We are in this journey of life together. Why not create an action plan to apply some of these  energy boosting strategies. Does taking inventory and figuring out a plan feel overwhelming? I get that, why not book a complimentary coaching session with me and together we can discover your next best step.
Episode #20: Energy Inventory
2021 Mar 0313m 17s
It's time to take inventory. Often I can have my to do list, goals list be what pushes me to keep going and get things done. Obviously it's not wrong to take care of our responsibilities and aim for our goals but how often do we hit override and keep going when our entire being is asking for us to pause. In this episode I'll share how I am learning to discern where my limitations are by taking inventory. The tools provided here will haved be become proactive instead of live on auto pilot and it has led me to greater freedom as I learn to accept my limitations. Has it been hard? Yes. Has it been worth it? Definitely! Listen in and gain some tips and encouragement today.   Be sure to check out for amazing resources and find me on Instagram at Flying Free Ministries I'd love to hear from you,
Episode #19: Time for Rest. Time for Re-entry.
2021 Feb 1013m 12s
Do you find it easy to rest? How do you feel about re- entering life after a break? Can you see where there is rest in your week, month and year? Do you ever ignore fully resting because re- entering life is hard? You are not alone. Listen to today's episode and discover the rhythm that Jesus modeled and learn how to smooth out re-entry moments. Be sure to find me on Instagram at Flying Free Ministries and you don't want miss out on the courses and coaching opportunities provided through
Episode #18: Is your play, work?
2021 Feb 0319m 19s
Are you working more than you are playing? Likely your answer is, "Of course. I'm an adult!" Perhaps the question should be, can an adult's work be play? Listen in and hear about my recent discoveries about play and work. Get ready for some great news and encouragement as I share my story and we check out Jesus' example of work/play balance. Be sure to check out for amazing resources and find me on Instagram at Flying Free Ministries I'd love to hear from you.
Episode #17: Let go. Let God, really?!?!?!
2021 Jan 2716m 43s
Annoyed, skeptical, relieved, encouraged are some of the responses to the concept of letting go and letting God. When we think of managing our time it can seem impossible to let go of our plan for the day. I mean, we have deadlines, right?!??! And yet the thought of letting God handle it is intriguing. but how???? Enjoy this episode, as we dig into the conundrum of planning and yet releasing, of letting go but holding on. It's going to be worth your time whether you are a mom, ministry leader or entrepreneur. If you are curious about my, Create a Schedule that Makes You Smile course, head over to
Episode #16: Aspire to Be
2021 Jan 2013m 48s
Do you struggle with "being" instead of "doing" all the time? Me too! My awareness of "be" began on a day when I was feeling overwhelmed and well, "kerflungled", little by little God has led me to a new place of acceptance and healing. Enjoy listening to my journey as I share about the freedom builder that God has been developing in my life. For powerful information on enjoying this freedom builder and others, grab a copy of my book, Freaking Out to Flying Free: Experience Freedom Amid the Chaos of Life at