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Splashdown! Deep Anime Dive is a brand new anime review podcast! Join Chris and Suede as they dive deep on all things anime! You can expect reviews, in-depth analysis, fun trivia, character studies, and so much more! Legendary masterpieces, infamous trash, and even some forgotten relics, this podcast will cover it all! Grab your scuba gear! It's time to dive in!


Winter 2021 - Season Review
2021 Apr 171h 31m 59s
After a prolonged absence full of tech issues and lost audio, we are back! This time around Chris and Suede will be talking about their favorites (and least favorites) of the past season. There is much to discuss for this first season of what is promising to be a most excellent year of anime!
2020: The Best and Worst of the Year!
2021 Jan 041h 58m 58s
This time around Chris and Suede are looking back on all of the shows they've watched in 2020. We talk about new favorites, as well as the Big Sads we encountered. We definitely maybe don't talk about Vtubers. Suede doe no't reveal more shameful secrets. Deep Anime Dive is a professional podcast. We promise.
Vtubers: A Descent into Madness
2020 Nov 111h 28m 50s
This week we dive into shark-infested waters! Tread carefully, for Death Herself abides here. The Ancient Ones beckon you to come closer. At the end, a chance for rebirth. Time traveling detective.
Summer/Fall 2020 Anime and "The Collections"
2020 Oct 261h 42m 14s
The long awaited 3rd installment of Deep Anime Dive! You will learn in Episode 4 why this took so long to get published, but, for now, on with the summary! This week we talk about what we watched during Summer 2020 as well as our most anticipated shows of Fall 2020. Suede and Chris have surprisingly different lists this time around. We also talk about some of our most prized anime possessions. Nothing of interest happens in the last 8 minutes of this episode. Please do not listen to it. Any rumors regarding the contents of the final 8 minutes are false.
One Piece, Part 1: East Blue, Alabasta, and Skypiea
2020 Sep 301h 23m 1s
This time around, Chris and Suede talk about the (Pirate) King of all anime shows, One Piece! Where do you even start with a series spanning decades with nearly a thousand episodes? Well, might as well start from the beginning! We start with some fascinating insights into Oda Eiichiro's inspirations for the original manga. Then, we dive right into episode 1 and beyond!
Hajimemashite! Meet the hosts!
2020 Sep 121h 22m 6s
Chris and Suede talk about how they first got into anime, early obsessions, and some of their all-time favorite series. Additionally, they talk about their chance meeting while both living abroad in Japan. Suede also demonstrates his masterful knowledge of Konosuba and Chris reveals how many anime series he has watched. The answer? Too many.
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