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James Stundis Is An Eighteen Year-old College student who dives deep into the world of business and explores the key components on how to live a happy and optimistic life, while giving back to the community and improving the lives of others and the people around you.


Start Recognizing What You Want Out Of Your Life
2020 Dec 065m 24s
Explorers! I am finally back to bring you all Season 3, I hope you all have been doing well during this entire Covid scare and I am praying that each & everyone of you listening; this episode opens your eyes to how young you are, and how YOU have the ability to get everything you ever wanted.
Life Is Long, So Be Patient
2020 May 237m 2s
Hope you all enjoy this episode. Make sure to leave a review and subscribe if you haven't already. Love you guys!
What You Should Be Implementing Into Your Life During Quarantine
2020 May 167m 35s
Hope you all get a huge takeaway from this episode. I love you all stay safe, happy, and healthy. See you all next week!
What You Should be Flipping Right Now
2020 Apr 086m 43s
Hope you guys enjoy this and it brings tremendous value to you. Im praying that all of you are safe, happy, and healthy as well during this virus.
Having Humility & Why You Should Always Stay Humble
2020 Mar 105m 45s
Hope you all enjoy this episode. I know it has been a long time since I have posted, but let me know what you all think. I love you guys.
How Being A Genuine Person Can Get You So Far In Life
2020 Jan 054m 33s
Welcome back everyone to The Life And Business Podcast. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and a happy new year! In this episode I talk about being a genuine person and how far that can really bring you in life. Hope you enjoy!
Why Being Patient And Persistent Is Important
2019 Dec 085m 42s
Welcome back guys to Season 2 Episode 2. Today I talk about why being patient and persistent can get you further in life than you would think.
How to Deal With Judgement
2019 Nov 244m 54s
Hey everyone welcome to Season 2 Episode 1! Todays episode is about dealing with others that cast judgment, as well as accomplishing anything that you set your mind too. Hope you guys enjoy, make sure to subscribe and rate the podcast!
Self Awareness & Paving Your Own Path
2019 Nov 103m 52s
Thank you guys so much for tuning in for todays episode. In this episode I talk about why Self Awareness is the key to having a good life, and why you should pave your own path. Make sure to rate the podcast, I love you all. See you guys next week!
How To Flip Other People's Trash For Cash
2019 Oct 279m 28s
Whats up everyone, very exciting episode today. In episode 9 I talk about how you can turn other peoples trash into cash by going to garage sales. Make sure to subscribe if you haven't already, and let me know what you think of the episode. Love you guys and thank you for your continued support of the podcast!