The Voice of Jesicris
  • Jesicris Diputado Bato
11 episodes
I am a creator and have so much to say. I do reviews, discuss ideas, cover current events, tell stories, share experiences and entertain as best as I possibly can. I also think I’m funny. Tune in! Support this podcast:


Kayla Ochoa - People 2 People
2020 Oct 0536m 49s
Kayla is one of my closest friends! These are the things that we talk about!
Season 2 Introduction: People 2 People
2020 Sep 2140m 24s
Welcome to Jesicris’s Podcast, Visit for all Details
3000 Questions About me 1
2019 Nov 2311m 26s
I read off questions about myself in this book.  3000 Questions About Me, follow along and answer the questions for yourself so you can both learn about yourself AND me.
Horoscope Accuracy 2
2019 Nov 209m 37s
In these horoscope segments I go out and prove why you shouldn't trust horoscopes, but also why they are nice.
Horoscope Accuracy 1
2019 Nov 105m 37s
Let's explore how accurate a horoscope reading could be.
Being honest with yourself against all odds
2019 Nov 099m
What does it mean to be honest with yourself? Why are these ideas so different from person to person? Let's talk about it
Identify - Simplify - Amplify
2019 Aug 159m 59s
Dive into what Ive been up to and listen to my well-rounded strategy to keep this lazy guy lazy.
Pop quiz your best friend Ft. Olibear
2019 Jul 2210m 18s
I decided to randomly quiz my best friend, but not to see what he knows about me. Sometimes we need to question the obvious to re-insert ourselves into relationships and validate the good vibes. Try this out with your bestie.
My song “Dance”
2019 Jul 2210m 23s
I review and explain my song dance and what it means to me. I re-uploaded this because I had to change a couple things
From AOL to Google
2019 Jul 199m 5s
My podcast Schedule is super duper all over the place, I explain why in this podcast and go through each major platform in my life.