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  • Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams
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We never expect perfection so EXCELLENCE is about being the best we can be. These podcasts explore multiple areas of business and life to bring the best of the best in our search for excellence. Hosted by Lindsay Adams OAM CSP and Rael Bricker CSP bringing 60+ years of entrepreneurial success and professional speaking together.


In Conversation - Kelly Sinclair - Brand is KING
2021 May 0226m 37s
I have hosted now the entrepreneur success summit a couple of times. And it's a totally free virtual summit, where it's it's serving entrepreneurs all around the world with different experts who bring to the table, a different skill and set a different perspective, I just think it's important to hear from a variety of people on a bunch of different topics. Because when we're starting our own businesses, and we're wearing all of the hats, where you are eager to learn what the things that we don't know that aren't our zone of genius.For information on the Entrepreneurs Summit and for Tickets click here 1:04      What is a Brand Specialist 5:13       How do you start creating a brand8:00       Personal vs Business Brand13:32   Magic Brand Formula 17:34    Why ?22:41    Entrepreneur Success Summit Kelly Sinclair is a marketing and brand strategist who works with entrepreneurs to help them get clear on their message and who they serve so they can attract their dream clients and grow their businesses.
In Conversation - Kerrie Phipps - DO talk to strangers
2021 Apr 2824m 21s
"Oh, my parents told me don't talk to strangers  I wasn't brought up like that, to start with, like my parents. I guess growing up in a country town on a farm, you have to talk to strangers, you welcome people because somebody could be broken down on the side of the road, or, you know, there's just such a sense of community and connecting with people " "a deep dive into the art and science of connection and how we build relationships and how we have fleeting connections and what we can do with that to make a positive difference in the world?"01:25            Introduction to "Do Talk to strangers"04:17            ASKING (What does that means) 09:01            S12:29            N14:04            Natural Confidence17:34            Gratitude20:52            Be Curious KERRIE PHIPPS is an inspiring and energetic communicator whose passion is connecting and empowering difference - makers and leaders. She has been coaching, writing and speaking across the Asia Pacific region and beyond for over 20 years. Kerrie has trained extensively in brain-based coaching skills and built her own business supporting entrepreneurs and leaders globally. As the author of 4 books and co-author of 8, she delights in sharing stories of connection, hope and encouragement - because she personally knows the power of these in her own life.
In Conversation - Charles Collins - Life as a craft
2021 Apr 2524m 25s
The idea behind life as a craft and becoming a crafts person of one's own life takes that universal understanding that all of humanity practices and says if the primary material of one's life is one's own self, your inner human being and your outer human being and if that is the primary material of the craft, then what are the range of knowledge and processes and tools that I can learn to use with progressive excellence over my lifetime, to effectively make my life a masterpiece" 01:38      Philosophy 04:58     Tools of the craft 06:54     Did Covid19 ruin the masterpiece 08:48     How do you know when you are  a master 11:04     Millennials14:52     The 5 Elements For more information Handed down over the centuries by master craftsmen and craftswomen across the world, Charles reveals the time tested practice of 'craftsmanship', as the key to unlocking the universal principles of excellence for developing a high level of skill in any endeavor from personal and professional development, to managing your business, your household, and improving your parenting skills.Charles is a best-selling author of the LifeCraft book series available on Amazon, producer of the companion Making A Masterpiece of Your Life audio collection, and Publisher of Life Masterpiece Journal available on
In Conversation - Frank Hagenow - Truth and Leadership
2021 Apr 2117m 55s
Dr. Frank Hagenow supports managers and companies in building long-lasting trustful relationships with their employees and customers as well as making the right decisions in difficult situations.
In Conversation - Jonathan Low - Customer Service Excellence
2021 Apr 1822m 23s
Jonathan centers his speaking and executive coaching work with organizations and senior executives to measurably improve their leadership effectiveness, mental resilience and business performance especially in the areas of Sales Performance, Mental Toughness, Service Quality, Leadership Communication and Team Development. He believes that "Increased self-awareness accelerates professional relations and business success”.
In Conversation - Andrea Edwards - Saving our planet
2021 Apr 1431m 44s
Andrea T Edwards, The Digital Conversationalist, is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), and globally award-winning B2B communications professional, who works with the world’s largest companies on the transformation needed within to maximize business growth in our digital future. A change agent, provocateur, author, passionate communicator and social leader, Andrea’s book ‘18 Steps to an All-Star LinkedIn Profile’ is on two Book Authority’s listings as the ‘100 Best LinkedIn Books of All Time’ and ‘22 Best New LinkedIn eBooks To Read In 2021.’ Her next book – Uncommon Courage – will be launched any day now, and it’s a deeper reflection on life, plus an invitation to courage, so we can tackle the biggest issues the world is facing, together.
In Conversation - Niklas Myhr - The Social Media Professor
2021 Apr 1135m 46s
In this episode Niklas discusses :
In Conversation- John Davis Action Hero
2021 Apr 0729m 11s
John Davis is an internationally known Keynote Speaker, Comedian, Fight Director, Stuntman, College Professor, artistic Director, and Action Hero. He has travelled extensively throughout the world speaking to audiences of all ages and backgrounds in 28 countries and over four thousand live performances. John inspires you to set and reach your maximum potential and awaken your Inner Action Hero! After the tragic events of September 11, 2001 John  dedicated a great amount of time bringing entertainment to the soldiers overseas. On six USO tours, John performed more than one hundred shows and has taken his comedy to even the most remote bases in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
In Conversation - Paul du Toit - Exceptionally Speaking
2021 Apr 0523m 15s
Paul  du Toit has spoken to tens of thousands of people at conferences and corporate events globally. He is a business speaker, coach and authority on customer experience and business presentations, and author of two books including “You Can Present with Confidence” released internationally in 2011 and "The Exceptional Speaker - Revised Edition" released in March 2021 and co-authored with Alan Stevens. In this episode Paul discusses :
In Conversation - Nicole Santer - Events in Australia
2021 Apr 0424m 14s
Nicole Santer, descendant in a strong line of Event Organisers, still talks of the 'buzz’ she felt when table setting with the wait staff at the tender age of 5. Now, a captivating speaker, and ardent events industry expert, Nicole’s latest entrepreneurial venture brings to the industry the Ultimate Online Search Engine for Events.“EventBuzz360”It is from Nicole’s 20 years of industry expertise and knowledge gained while running her signature company Extraordinary Events Pty Ltd that we find the seed for EventBuzz360.Involved in every aspect of managing large scale world-class corporate and social events, Nicole identified a need to simplify the search.To this end, the EventBuzz360 global platform showcases world-class photography, world-class suppliers, and world-class community.Designed to entice exploration of the world's most spectacular corporate and social events, EventBuzz360 calls on us to draw inspiration and foster new ideas.There is no denying that EventManagement is in Nicole Santer’s blood.