WJ's Finest Fantasy Football
  • Andrew Stoddard
15 episodes
Fantasy Football Fun


Week 15 recap and Super Bowl Preview
2020 Dec 2551m 40s
Vone, Chase and Detroit break down last week's matchups and preview the championship
Week 14 Recap and semi-final playoff preview
2020 Dec 181h 59s
Vone, M, and Snakes recap last weeks playoff matchups and preview the semi-finals
Week 13 Recap and Playoff preview
2020 Dec 1156m 56s
Vone, Dom, and Park break down week 13 and the upcoming playoff matchups
Week 12 Recap and Rankings
2020 Dec 041h 5m 33s
Vone, The talent, and Snakes break down week 12.
Week 11 Recap and Rankings
2020 Nov 261h 10m 22s
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Week 10 Recap and Rankings
2020 Nov 2057m 53s
The original crew is back together to give you our insights on week 10
Week 9 Recap and Rankings
2020 Nov 131h 7m 50s
Chase had to miss this week but we rallied and had some nice guests. It's a fun show. Enjoy!
Week 8 Recap and Rankings
2020 Nov 0647m 16s
Week 7 Recap and Rankings
2020 Oct 301h 10m 16s
We finally have our first sponsor! Chase and Matt give their thoughts about my rankings and spoiler alert, they are not happy.
Week 6 Recap and Rankings
2020 Oct 231h 17m 22s
Vone, The talent and, Little Sticious break down the past week and give our insights on the upcoming week.