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The Thinking Machine podcast is hosted by Derek McKay and Chandler Leonard. The Thinking Machine is a place where we talk about anything and everything going on in the world or just in our personal lives. Support this podcast:


Episode 7
2020 Nov 081h 17m 58s
Today we talked about what's going on in the world right now within politics between President Trump and Biden and what's been going on at our jobs recently... We really hope yall have been doing great and as always much love!
Episode 6.
2020 Oct 251h 30s
Today we talked about politics, my wife getting stuck in a Trump parade on the highway and so much more... As always thank you for your continued support, much love!
Episode 5
2020 Oct 1844m 17s
In today's episode we talked about smoking some ribs with one of our good friends and his wife, how the name of our podcast can be considered controversial, and a slew of other topics. As always thank you for the continuous support, Much love!
Episode 4
2020 Oct 101h 10m 10s
In today's episode, we talked about life in and out of the military, PTSD, Guillain barre syndrome, how having kids will change you, and what's been happening in our everyday lives. As always thank you for your continued support. Much love!
Episode 3
2020 Oct 021h 39m 12s
In today's episode, our friend Sean joined us to talk about his trip with his wife to California, a little bit of politics, Boxing/ UFC, Disney, and how great The Mandolorian is! Thanks for listening, Peace!
Episode 2
2020 Sep 2651m 29s
Today we talked about UFOs, Bill Cosby, how Alexa is always listening, and paranoia. Much love to everyone out there listening and see you next time!
Episode 1
2020 Sep 2054m 18s
Stupid drivers, tattoos and so much more in this episode. Thank you for your support and please keep listening!
The beginning
2020 Sep 196m 54s
Hey folks, this is just a small teaser/ trailer of what is to come. But trust in the process, the episodes will get better and longer! Much love.
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