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I just want to get high potcast with yours truly pooch the pothead hahaha good vibes, high times, great sessions with fam and friends so be ready to laugh or smile and enjoy baked greatness lol So park n spark also Smoke and fly .....I am stuck like a stamp hahaha Let's get to puffing some dank, some loud, some fire Venmo: @IJWTGH619 Cash app: $pooch619 Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ijwtgh-potcast/support


Happy Mother's Day
2021 May 1043m 31s
Wadup happy Mother's Day to everyone who's a mother and also thank you mom for being awesome and amazing also for raising me to b the man I am today love u 3000 well with that being said hope y'all enjoy today's seshcast Venmo:@IJWTGH619 cash app: $pooch619
2021 Apr 2728m 39s
Wadup another episode of I just want to get high Potcast wit ur pothead pooch and on today's seshcast I got to throw some knowledge wit a twist of wats going on in the world today in the mind of a fucken pothead with true thought n courage LOL hope y'all ready to enjoy LOL Venmo: @IJWTGH619 cash app: $pooch619 help the stoned movement anything helps let's get puffing n welcome to blazedtown
EveryDay is 4/20
2021 Apr 2130m 43s
Wadup it's ur local pothead pooch welcome to another episode of I just want to get high happy 420 to everyone especially to my pothead aka stoners aka smokers lol I got a dope fucken show for y'all today so much to talk bout especially being baked like a potato haha so with that being said let's get to puffing Venmo: @IJWTGH619 and my cash app: $pooch619 anything helps boom shakalaka I love weed lol enjoy my people
Fuel da spliff
2021 Apr 2041m 24s
Yoo wassup it's up pothead pooch n I'm back with another episode of I just want to get high Potcast n on today seshcast i gotta a whole lot of shit to empty out like fuck boxing fr fr it is a money grab now lol also I will talking bout one of my favorite things to do lol y'all should know lol and one more until 4-20 stoners so kick back spark up n let's get to puffing n just get fucken high Venmo: @IJWTGH619 cash app: $pooch420 any Donations help the movement did you appreciate it hope y'all enjoy boom shakalaka go padres happy 420 eve!!!!!!!!
Dank you
2021 Apr 1641m 45s
Wadup it's your local pothead pooch n y'all listening to my potcast I Just Want To Get high n on today's seshcast weed of course oh I can't forget bout the FrizFam or Frizbros lol n wat I need to empty out boxing and sports lol let's get puffing @IJWTGH619: Venmo
Smacked AsF
2021 Mar 2934m 41s
Yooo Wadup it's ur local pothead pooch right back u know me I just wanna get High here gotta an awesome episode for everyone y'all gonna enjoy it lots of laughs and spaced lol jk kick back n let's get puffing yeeee Wanna help the movement out any helps and goes a long way thanks @IJWTGH619
2021 Mar 2632m 45s
Yooo Wadup it's ur local pothead pooch welcome back to another episode of I just want to get high Potcast thank you everyone out there my listeners in the states and overseas mind blown rn today was one of the best days I ever had on Morley field thank you to my Frizbros sit back spark a blunt or spark some weed n let's get to puffing yeeeee Venmo: @IJWTGH619
Da DIsc of Destiny
2021 Mar 1438m 39s
Yoooo wadup it's ur local pothead pooch n holy shit I got a dope fucken episode for y'all today and trust me it's gonna b awesome lol "holy shit I am high" lol I just want to get high for the movement n •••Venmo: @IJWTGH619
CrossFade Blunders
2021 Mar 1140m 17s
Yoo Wadup it yo local pothead pooch n u already I just want to get high boom shakalaka holy Santa shit i got something for my listeners on today's episode disc golf on a Monday wit my other group of homies shout to Chief ROBLEEZY, his primo Joe jr, his pops Joe Sr hice to meet y'all n thanks for a good round of disc golf omg great times ipas and weed best combo ever lol. Oh yeah I have some funny shit to tell everyone that happened after disc golf it's a fucken knee slapper lol sneak peak of fridays episode of round 2 of disc golf at Morley field shout to my frizbros: JDLC, Patrick, and Chief ROBLEEZY yeeeeee on that puff lets get fucken high to if u wanna make donations n help spark the movement anything helps I would deeply appreciate it it will go along way to better my skills n get me going to this awesome path lol here is ••Venmo: @Ijwtgh619
Kiefing it Real
2021 Mar 1038m 36s
Yoo Wadup my people it's yo local pothead pooch welcome back to i just want to get high n on episode 9 season 3 i will talking bout some epic times times that I will Cherish the rest of my time while playing disc golf at Morley field in daygo n I will also be talking bout playing with another homie I grew up with Chief ROBLEEZY and his fam his cuzin joe jr and his pops joe sr nice meeting u and play disc golf great times lol so hope y'all ready I am gonna take u on a high adventure kick back spark a blunt or joint or bowl or whatever's and enjoy yeeeee