• Sh** Happens Now What
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Sh** Happens Now What is a podcast where we discuss all of life's problems and how to deal.


Episode 9: Mindfulness
2017 Mar 2159m 31s
My guest on this week's episode is Tiffany Lin, the founder of reMINDme Values, a lifestyle brand dedicated to intentional values-driven living. We talk about how to stay in the present moment, what values mean to us and answer your questions from how to meditate to sticking with New Years Resolutions.
Episode 8: Storytelling
2017 Mar 0748m 33s
After a bit of a hiatus we are back with an episode that's dedicated to storytelling. Joining me on this week's episode is Dr. Katie Zimolzak. We get into what we love about stories and share some of our favorite reads.
Episode 7: Bodies
2017 Feb 141h 1m 34s
This week's show is all about bodies. How and why do we judge our bodies and other people's bodies, and how can we be better to ourselves and each other?
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