The Monolid Diaries
  • Amee Finigan
13 episodes
I speak with Transracial and International Adoptees who want to share their stories.


Episode 012 — Mother’s Day Special
2021 May 0943m 40s
I spill the tea with my beautiful Mama! Get to know my mom, how she met my Dad, and what it was like growing up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid). We chat about her perspective as an AP, and she offers some incredible insight and advice for perspective adoptive parents. This is such a special episode, you don’t want to miss it!
Episode 011 — Owning Your Worth + Nick Capicotto
2021 Apr 3040m 43s
I spill the tea with my good friend Nick Capicotto, Korean-American Adoptee, Self-Identity Explorer, and Dad Joke Aficionado. Nick grew up in Buffalo, New York and has recently come to terms with his adoption journey. We chat about his origin story, his K-hair, and of course Nick drops some Dad jokes. This is one of my favorite episodes, don’t miss it!
Episode 010 — Authenticity + Kevin Kwan Loucks
2021 Apr 2334m 37s
I spill the tea with Kevin Kwan Loucks, Korean-American Adoptee. Kevin grew up in NorCal, and is a Juilliard-trained concert pianist, and educator. We chat about how he met his birth mom, how he first got started as a pianist, and his experiences at Juilliard. He also shares his perspective on being a transracial adoptee, it’s a story you don’t want to miss!
Episode 009 — Reflection and Interview with Kevin Groen
2021 Apr 1638m 56s
I spill the tea with Kevin Groen, South-Korean Adoptee. Kevin grew up in the Netherlands and is a spoken word artist and behavioral change enthusiast. We chat about what is was like growing up in the Netherlands, accepting his identity and considering plastic surgery, and his work surrounding behavioral change. STAY TUNED until the end! Kevin preforms one of his amazing spoken word pieces.
Episode 008 — A Lesson on Forgiveness, and Kira Oman’s Interview
2021 Apr 0935m 23s
I spill the tea with Kira Oman’s, Chinese-American Adoptee, Actor, Third Degree Black Belt, Transracial Adoptee Advocate, and dear friend. We learn about her origin story, and how she became a Jackie of All Trades.
Episode 007 — Mimi Choi Illusion Makeup Artist
2021 Apr 0235m 17s
I spill the tea with my favorite makeup artist and influential Asian-American. Mimi Choi is an illusion makeup artist, Chinese-American immigrant, and the sweetest, most down to earth person you’ll ever meet!
Episode — 006 Amee + Ally Take the Monolid Diaries
2021 Mar 2653m 29s
Join me and my special co-host Ally Park, my friend and fellow KAD, and #NotAThing co-founder. We spill the tea, and spread Adoptee Joy. Listen in as we chat about mean DM’s we’ve received, the struggle of being an adoptee in relationships, and we get into a bit of her adoptee background. ALSO...don’t miss us ambushing Jordan VanHemert for a surprise dance party!
Episode 005 — Liz Kleinrock + Addressing Asian Hate
2021 Mar 2331m 44s
Join me as I spill the tea with Liz Kleinrock, anti-bias and anti-racist educator, author, TedTalk speaker, and all around incredible human.
Episode 004 — Dr. Jordan VanHemert Jazz Composure and Musician
2021 Mar 1247m 42s
Join me as I spill the tea with Jordan VanHemert, a saxophonist, composer, and Korean-American Adoptee! His new album I Am Not A Virus is out now!
Episode 003 — Kevin Kreider from Bling Empire
2021 Mar 0530m 42s
I’ll catch you up on what’s going on in my life, and I’ll chat with Kevin Kreider, Korean-Adoptee and breakout star of Bling Empire about his adoption journey, racism, and finding his identity.