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EP 18
2021 May 071h 7m 31s
Ep: 17 El American Barber George Mendoza Part 2
2021 Apr 301h 7m 54s
By request part 2 with el american barber George Mendoza.
Ep: 16 PrettyCutDry Sara
2021 Apr 231h 1m 42s
After years of following each other on Social Media we finally meet and we got the chance to get to know Sara. Super talented hairdresser here in Oc. Thank You Sara for meeting up and hear your story.
Ep: 15 Happy Easter Sunday
2021 Apr 043m 15s
Just wanted to jump in and say Happy Easter Sunday and let us enjoy this day with all of our loves ones for the first time since 2020.
Ep: 14 HeronRazor
2021 Apr 0257m 40s
From the deep State of America San Antonio Texas, HeronRazor. I came a cross this talented barber through the worldwide Instagram. we link up and of as commenting each other photos. and we ended up Dm'ing each other #noh..mo and friendship just bloom from there. Thank You Carnal for taking the time to chat with me and get to know you...
Ep: 13 Scotty CutThroutBarber
2021 Mar 2641m 3s
Visit scott at his home, we did some catching up, from quarantine to early beginnings in the barber Industry. Thank you Scotty i appreciate you brother.
Ep: 12 Ernie Chop Shop
2021 Mar 1937m 56s
We Zoom with the only Barber in all Socal that Calls his clients a bunch of Putos!!  We talk about his early beginnings, Barbering, Life and everything in between. Thank You brother for taking the time to zoom it out with me .
Ep: 11 Going Solo
2021 Mar 1218m 5s
On this episode i am going solo all because my guest couldn't do it so i rolling solo. a few topics to get into so please enjoy and share.
Ep: 10 Zooming with Mjsolofa Mens Grooming
2021 Mar 051h 11m 19s
First off Thank You Mark you are an incredible human , love you brother. I reach out to mark wondering if he would like to join me on my podcast and without a doubt he said " yes!" so i am extremely honor to zoom and chat. if you haven't follow @mjsolofamensgrooming please due so. Enjoy this episode.
Ep: 9 Catching up With Omar Damian
2021 Feb 2650m 4s
Omar Is 100% Santa Ana Native just like me and many other's. We took the time to drink some great coffee from a local spot in Santa Ana and got to chat about our local adventures in our city. We learn about Omars world the Real Estate World what you need for future applications and process.